poor can not save themselves, because they can't buy GOLD

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  1. GOLD

    only gold can save you,

    never be afraid to buy gold, but it must be the kind you can hold in your hands

    if its paper gold, its not really gold

    but paper :cool:
  2. What about Gold teeth?
  3. not enough

    need more gold, like few chips at least

    that would be bare minimum.......few chips
  4. I have a couple of them 2008 Gold American Buffalo's. How's that? Is that enough to save myself?
  5. Gold is the new real estate, everyone coming late to the party now is going to get fucked in the ass. This trade is sooo overcrowded now. Not saying this is the top, but I wouldn't be buying it now.
  6. They could fly to Luxembourge and set up direct deposit accounts for their welfare checks

  7. gold or goog. i would rather have had goog today.

  8. Buy some GOLD CHAINS and wear them on open necked expensive white shirts.. you need a narrow waistline to make it look good.
  9. there is wisdom in your words sir

    there is wisdom

    but I would add, throw in the mustache and tight jeans :p