Poor Bernanke, war between Japan and North Korea will ruin him.

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    Is anyone watching the news, err maybe I should ask. Is anyone watching the news non passively putting the pieces together.

    North Korea has already launched 2 satellites which is within their right, every country has a right to put satellite into space regardless of what western opinion is of that country.

    North Korean rocket crosses over Japan because the 2 countries are close to one another, just like when US launches in Florida rocket sways onto Atlantic

    This time United States has given Japan missile technology and egged Japan to state they will blow up North Korean rocket if it crosses over Japan. US and Japan are saying, North Korea is just testing their missiles (which in truth they have also done in the past, just like US did, Russia did, China did, Brits etc etc)

    If US and Japan destroy North's rocket and cargo and refuse to pony up the cash for damages, North is going to retaliate with non-nuclear attack on Japan. Countries like US think North won't retaliate over something so small. But that's because US is used to living on borrowed time {printing money}, other countries don't have reserve currency status and can't just print wealth.

    North Korea is overall a very poor country and their few million rocket is considered big money and national pride. Once again US meddling into affairs of other will cause trouble not just for *others* but for poor ass Bernanke who will be forced to print 1 trillion dollars more to stop the market from crashing because Japan is hit with attack.

    In the end American strategy will have indirect blow back. Why can't we just vote for Ron Paul. Oh maybe because voting system is rigged.

    Should I sell or buy Yen when it happens?