Poole didn't lower his discount rates

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Scribe, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Scribe


    The St. Louis Discount Rate is still at 6.25% (Primary) / 6.75% (Secondary).

    Funny how it was pitched as a "unanimous" vote. I guess St. Louis is giving wall street the finger.

    Current Discount Rates District Primary Credit Rate Secondary Credit Rate Effective Date
    Boston 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    New York 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    Philadelphia 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    Cleveland 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    Richmond 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    Atlanta 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    Chicago 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    St. Louis 6.25% 6.75% 06-30-2006
    Minneapolis 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    Kansas City 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    Dallas 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
    San Francisco 5.75% 6.25% 08-17-2007
  2. It's Friday. It probably means that when the Fed called St Louis to confirm the rate somebody wasn't at their desk and the Blackberry was out of range on the 12th hole.
  3. Toro KMA

    Toro KMA

    The Fed must have woken up, saw the Nikkei plunge nearly 1000 points and thought "calamity"
  4. Scribe


    The official line is that he didn't want to "tip off" the media that the fed was meeting (via teleconference) so he stuck to his scheduled dinner plans with some college students and a dean. Uh huh.

    Based on his recent comments I suspect he just didn't want to be involved in the "Cramer Cut". Or perhaps they were worried they wouldn't get their "unanimous" vote and told him the meeting was later that night.

  5. The only district bank with real power is New York. What Bernanke and New York says goes.
    St Louis doesn't figure in anyone's idea of a world financial center. No one gives a flying f*ck what Poole does.
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    Surely St Louis Fed will lower its discount rate next monday. On the other hand, Poole is a first class specialist in monetary economics. An old 1970's paper laid down the basics to use interest rate as the instrument of the FEd instead monetary targetting. His opinions obviously deserve a flying f*ck.
  7. sprstpd


    This is also a bunch of bull because the discount rate cut was obviously leaked to people on Thursday.

    Poole would be a better head of Fed than Bernanke.
  8. Poole has balls. He is the renegade fed.
  9. Poole doesn't understand what hes playing with. He doesn't deserve any respect. He should be removed from his post.
  10. I beg to differ. Poole is the only one who knows what he's doing.
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