Poof. Another 180k - 200k Jobs Will Dissapear w/Folding of Auto Dealerships Very Soon

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  1. What's another 180k to 200k jobs on top of the 11 million 'officially lost' (real statistics puts this number at 14 million), and the 13 million people who are now working part-time because they can't find full time jobs with benefits?

    150,000 jobs here, 300,000 jobs there, pretty soon we'll be talking 13% or 15% unemployment rates, or more.

  2. I don't understand what they are lobbying for. Leave the dealers open and sell few cars and continue to lose money. The auto market contraction leaves the automakers no choice.
  3. But even if the US auto industry was healthy,
    I imagine that dealerships would be living on borrowed time as people will have no option but to "buy to order"

  4. Oh, I'm not saying the industry doesn't need to shave dealers and jobs, because they do.

    Americans and others are cutting WAY back.

    You'll see a lot more 10 year old and older cars on the road on a highway near you.

    I'm only commenting on the fact that the systemic bleeding of jobs decimates the 'green shoots' gang's arguments, at every corner and in every way.

    Things will be far worse next year than they are now, and the year after that, and the year after that.

    We are officially in tailspin mode.
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  7. Perhaps it is just that Wall Street and Main Street are being deliberately de-coupled.
    Wall street will be a protected capitalist machine to satisfy the global money system and US citizens will gradually be introduced to a different path than the one they have been on.
    US middle class is quite small by current world standards but it has done a great job as the path finder/builder to the greater world, but eventually the peloton will absorb them and move on.

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    What do you want to bet that Obama and Congress will check under the cushions and find a few billion loose dollars to give to the dealers to ease the pain.
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