Pontiac going out of business today after 84 years.

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  1. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Pontiac-maker-of-muscle-cars-apf-2786184062.html?x=0

    Worst timing ever. Just when a hit song comes out thats has people buying Pontiac G6's :D :D :D


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  2. Canary yellow! :eek: :(
  3. damn, my first car was a '72 Pontiac LeMans....A moment of silence.
  4. too bad sweet looking car dude 0-60 5 sec
  5. Chagi


    Wrong G6. :p
  6. the1


    Mine was a '75 Grand Prix. The gas guage went down faster than the speedometer went up but boy did that car have some balls. The G8 is (was) a wicked ass machine. Damn fast! They should have shut down Buick instead.

  7. LEAPup


    I had a 68 GTO Ram Air III 4 speed my senior year in High School. Worked since I was 15 to save the $$$$ to buy it. $4,500 back then. Sold it for $38,000 six years ago. Miss it...

    And GM, I'm mad at you for being a healthcare, and union benefits who 'happens to make cars on the side' kind of mess!!!:mad: It could have been so much better with the talent used for designing REAL cars rather than the "talent" used to create smoke and mirrors for a union that's nothing more than a mafia "family." A family that forgot why they unionized to beging with back in the day. Today, the union broke GM. Sad...

    Moment of silence for Pontiac agreed.
  8. It is about time this company was allowed to fail. Think about all the money thrown into this company that was wasted. There are plenty of well run American companies for those who wax nostalgic.
  9. what about jobs and work and kids

    Won't someone think of the children :D
  10. Redneck


    I had a 70 GTO – automatic – wrapped it around a phone pole…

    Don’t ask who I was running from – in the dark – with headlights off – in an alley that veered left sharply – Hell of a place to put a phone pole if you ask me….

    Then bought a 69 GTO – 4 speed – with hide away headlights, ram air, and a wing (not a judge) – put dual double pumpers on it and was able to raise the front wheels off the ground downhill…. Eventually traded it in on a new vehicle….. (what an idiot I was)

    I miss both of them cars

    Good Times....
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