Poniz scheme how do they do it

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    Shapiro solicited investments for Capitol primarily during personal discussions, where he promised to refund prospective investors’ principal within thirty days and pay 10% to 26% annual returns on their investment. Shapiro told prospective investors this was a risk-free investment in Capitol’s grocery business and touted Capitol’s financial success as well as his own. Shapiro assured prospective investors Capitol’s purchase contracts and accounts receivable secured their investments.

    All told, Shapiro raised approximately $900 million from investors through these fraudulent schemes.

    People here talk about how difficult it is to raise capital for their own accounts on this board: theses Poniz guys seems to have no problem. Almost $1billion dollars that’s a lot.
  2. Down south they used to do it with a bible in one hand and a pint of moonshine in the other.
  3. Dyslexia can be cured...

    I think a lot of these ponzi scheme creators have a form of disassociation with their brain to realty transfer...