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    Have you ever fallen in love of a word so deeply that you need to put it in every sentence? That's Zdreg's experience on the Transaction tax thread.

    At first I thought it was his way to say :"Look.I am bright and I have a new word." But now it's more he has rent it, or acquired the intellectual property of it. Or it might be a compulsive disorder.

    Whatever... Please tell me if some day I do the same...It ain't pretty.

  2. I used to work with a guy who said he had a new word every day and took every opportunity to use it. True story.:D
  3. Lucrum



    If I'm not mistaken Zdreg admitted to taking meds some years ago.

    Gabfly1 was also one to get fixated on a particular "word for the day".
  4. zdreg


    learn how to use search before making a clueless remark.

    your remark is symptomatic of your character and the negativism that pervades your life.
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    Are you going to run to Baron crying of stalking AGAIN if I respond, you candy ass cunt?

    Oh and I do know how to use the search function, before and after making clueless remarks.
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    chat boards are full of people like you who talk the talk but don't walk the walk.
    do you trade any differently?
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    WTF does that even mean bipolar man?
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    lucrum - it is ok for you to follow me around. you are harmless like a 2 month old child.
    thanks for being a loyal fan.
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    Please, take your meds.
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