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  2. The thread starter (what is shown) is the ET member name The Kin and I can see it has 3 replies at the time of my message here to you (see attached image).

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  5. First of all, that last link above that ended with 130413 wasn't posted correctly by you because you copied a highlight of the link instead of clicking on it and then copying the url.

    It should have showed the below...


    Regardless, when I click on the above link that was your first link in this thread...

    I see the poll + replies as shown in my attached image for me when I'm logged in.

    However, your other more recently posted link that is a completely different link that I reduce to its direct path:


    At the new link above that you posted (you didn't post it in your first message here)...

    It's the exact same poll but this time I cannot vote nor reply in because its a link for when the ET member is NOT logged in.

    Logged In -


    Not Logged In -


    Yet both of the above links take you directly to the same poll.

    Thus, the latter link above when not logged in...you obviously cannot vote nor post a reply until you've logged in.

    In fact, when I do log in and then click on the link that ends with 1975930...

    The forum assumes I have logged out because when I try to post a reply...

    It shows the log in menu that request me to log in.

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    it is a natural away of life that things go from the simple to the complex back to the simple.
    thx for your answer.