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  1. nitro


    After all the God threads on ET, have we gotten closer to proving the existence of God?

    Please comment or vote.
  2. No, so then why committ ...just in case?
  3. Some guy had that as his nick and posted a few times.

    You mean him? :p
  4. No. More proof of people always in history ask why and how. More proof people make thier own god to explain the universe. So many gods. Some are nice, some are evil. So most people believe in the god that is popular of the place they were born.
  5. saxon


    God -- being the creator -- is self-revealing, but not self-evident (read Karl Rahner). Therefore, a complete understanding of God and the nature of God's existence is not a factoid that can be chased with scientific logic. We can only hope to know as much as God chooses to reveal.

    I know that the search for a "proof" of God's existence has been an obsession of philosophers for the last thousand years or more; but their arguments always seem to descend into trivial parlor games, imo. It is exceedingly difficult to find a proof for something that is, in the end, a mystery.