[Poll] Your strategy is your personal insight, NOT an universal fact

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Is your strategy based on your personal insight ?

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  1. rajesheck


    The IRONY is though each and every trader use their personal insights to understand trading and create trading strategies, they believe and behave as if there is nothing called personal insight and that what they learnt in trading are obvious facts.

    If the traders become more aware of this fact then they can start working on their insights in a better way.
  2. Can people be "insightful" without being analytical? The reason I ask is, people have told me my whole life that I'm too analytical! I don't know how to be "creative" or "insightful" without being so analytical initially...then the REFLECTION happens. Analyses can be more than just data crunching, it also be analyzing the behavior of others or analyzing one's own behavior...plus reflection...this is how I have found creative solutions for the future. The fact that so many people have said I analyze too much, has given me the impression that most people aren't that analytical...so how the hell do most people find insight without analyses?:confused:
  3. rajesheck


    A very very good question :)

    A sculpture selects a piece of rock and then creates a beautiful sculpture by gradually removing portions on the surface of the rock. Without touching those unwanted portions on the surface how can he create what he wanted.

    Now same way one need to see a thing in 360 degree to understand it better and take a decision about what is important and what is unwanted. A good analysis means seeing things from various possible perspectives.

    Then finally we may get some insight within our hard earned knowledge. But first step is the hard work collecting knowledge and analysing from different view points with an open mind. :)
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  4. Personal insight becomes an universal fact, sometimes.
  5. Simples


    A sculptor may chisel a rock and create a statue, a pillar, building-blocks, or rubble. The results vary according to the processes used, and may themselves be further used in varying ways according to the intention of the creator.

    However, the results are directly related to the processes, and only indirectly related to the intentions. Also, once created, it is hard - sometimes impossible, to un-create. Often, easier to just start over with a new rock.

    When people lack self-insight, they usually just project their own ideas and assumptions unto others, something we all do in some degree or another. You need to be more autistic than not to be able to fully disconnect from your personality and see the madness of human beings, and such insights are seen as abnormal - not to be dwelled upon. Because it'll make you question all the bad decisions currently being made.
  6. Jane36


    I think analysis is critical for this kind of trade but I do not see why it should be perceived as conterproductive to insights. Insights are not always revelations that simply come out of nowhere. Yes, creativity may serve as a channel to insights but that would be because creativity counteracts rigidness and often gives another perspective. Truly analytical viewpoint can spawn the same results, as it gives the interconnectedness behind different facts and sitatutions, therefore if oriented to look through different angles, the puzzle is solved. Dig deep and treasures may be found.
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    Good stuff BONECRUSHER. Probably one of the best posts I've read this weekend. Ya see folks...this is"constructive content".

    "...analyzing the behavior of others or analyzing one's own behavior...plus reflection...this is how I have found creative solutions for the future."

    I believe price action in any investment/trading vehicle is based on emotions (fear and greed). If it was based on logic based pricing, Cramer's FANG and the like, would be worthless. I try and master my emotions first, then try to figure out the emotions of others.

    Speaking of emotion...AO post time stamp
    SP500 -18.30 pre market. YES!!!
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  8. %%
    Some do it differently. I like A 50 DMA+200dma........+ plenty of analysis. That Jimmy B...,tends to short stocks [in Jack Schwager's Hedge fund Book]. Even in a bull market, + he uses ''feel '' a lot, +the word ''feel '', a lot, with his millions counter-trend trading .[His boss however ,noted he has real good work habits................................................................................................]

    Frankly i would rather analyze way too much-- than to little. My guts try to get me out a of trend way too early.