Poll: Your Favorite Guru Who Actually Trades

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by hypostomus, Sep 28, 2003.

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  1. Is the appelation "guru who trades" oxymoronic? Only ten choices in a poll is severely restrictive, but here goes. Many are left out, some of them among my favorite authors. Feel free to point out my lack of judgement in not including YOUR favorite guru who actually trades. One who makes money would be even better. At least ten other good authors are left out, as well as at least ten ringers I would like to embarrass who took my money under false pretenses. The poll is coded to give LBR a fifty vote handicap - she cheats by putting it on the line every day and actually being right, not to mention photogenic. Disclaimer: my VERY favorite author puts a nickel in my Amazon account every time I shamelessly tout his book. Please vote for him.
  2. Mark D. Cook
    Alexander Elder
    Linda Bradford Raschke

    They are good!
  3. Linda, Linda, Linda. So good and yet not full of herself like some. Not that great a writer but teacher par excellence, imo. After three plus years I still listen to her tapes almost every day.
  4. bobcathy1

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    Don Miller.:)
  5. ...who is Don Miller (no offense to him if this is not a subtle joke)?
  6. marketsurfer. he has 241 pages on elite of profitable trading and still going strong with a simple system.
  7. Yeah you guys you forgot Don Miller - he's the man for emini traders. I recommend reading his interview on Innerworth its pretty good.

    Has anyone checked out Chris Curran's 3 line break techniques for emini trading - he's the latest addition to the Trading Markets stable of gurus??
  8. Can you post a link?

  9. Aaron


    Mark Brown, Laurence Connors, Larry Williams, Thomas Stridsman, Harris Kupperman, and Joe Krutsinger are my favorite gurus and they all trade and do strategy development.
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