Poll: Would you trade Terror Derivatives

Discussion in 'Trading' started by deadreader, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. Interesting... instead of a basket of stocks, it is a basket of commodities.... I would imagine oil and gold will be a central issue.

    Is there a market for sand.... 'cause there sure is a lot of sand over there?

    A CBSMarketwatch article is on the same is there now.
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    Naw...there is just something really icky poo about it.:(
  3. The two risks on my mind every single night that I'm net long or short are a terrorist attack (when I'm long), and Osama capture when I'm short.
  4. lescor


    And what do you think are the chances that if there was a major terrorist attack, the ones who profited the most from these contracts would get a visit from their friendly neighborhood CIA agent?

    Futures trading run by the pentagon? hmmmm......
  5. shameless topper I
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    As in GAMBLING?
    Icky poo.....I really do not like to think of trading as gambling.

    There are some weird futures out there for sure. The ones on the weather in certain states are no less strange to me. It seems these must all originate in Las Vegas.:confused:
  7. Sure as long as it's chartable and liquid.
  8. Will trade anything that moves ...
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