POLL: Would you rather??????????

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  1. A)Make $50,000 a year trading without a job OR
    B)Make $100,000 a year at a Corporate job with all the backstabbing etc that comes with it?
  2. A
  3. A
  4. B...and trade the extra 50k in a swing trading end of day routine.

    healthcare 401k etc in the corporate gig could = another 30k.

    50k trading is not worth the freedom. IMHO
  5. A is a pretty solitude lifestyle with much introspect and few to share it with.

    B is a whole lotta people telling you what you are or are not. If you get pissed and your corporate you could take it out on other people. Yell at them, that sort of thing.
  6. B
  7. B.

    50K?? After tax and after living costs what are you left with?
    Not much. Whats the point of having freedom when you dont have the money to enjoy it?

    Now if you had said a choice between 500K or 1000K, then i would go for A.
  8. cszulc


    Definitely B. I can always use the extra money to trade currency overnight!
  9. A
  10. B) If backstabbing environment, get another job. Treat people well, and they will generally treat you well. I find most of that "backstabbing" is a myth.

    If someone backstabs you occasionally, then you have $50,000 a year to wipe away at the tears.
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