Poll: Would you go for Tradestion 7, if you had one option only?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by Nana Trader, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. If you had been given an option to choose from a single
    product, and had to do all these within one product only:

    Charting/Strategy creation/backtesting/Scanning/automation

    **** For "trading" purpose, you did not have to choose
    Tradestaion as your broker, since their fees are above average only.

    Would you select Tradestation or you would prefer any
    other single product as the only option to choose from?

    I were impressed after looking at "TRAD" profile at yahoo
    Finance on how they were doing recent quarters, and decide
    to come up with this poll.
  2. I used to be so Anti-Tradestation...

    Reason was primarily because of the flaws in testing portfolios and other stuff...

    But after being able to code in real programming language... those things goes away...

    Solid software. I prefer it over any other software to trade.
  3. Are you refering to Easy language as real programing?

    Wait, many enemies will show up soon.
  4. No... C++... I meant TS with DLL is solid.
  5. Does it mean learning Easy language is not enough to write every strategy (not very advance things)?

    I have no programing background, Does it mean not much
    benifit from learning EL alone ?

    Can you explain what C++ used for in Tradestation, with an

    I had a look at EL PDF downloads,I think i can pick up EL within few monthes.But not for C++, No way,will not even try to take the hussle learning it, as the codes are not easy to understand and, very time consuming to learn?
  6. LOL... no offense...

    But if you're serious about system trading, personally, you have to learn a real programming language. But I think it's a gradual process, you start to get all these ideas about systems and these vendor language doesn't fulfill your creativity...
  7. tradestation is limited... but I still use it for the simplicity.

    Currently using the radar screen.... it's the only thing worth squat in the whole tradestation package. It should be a part of the package.
  8. Oh, Man, you broght fire desire in me.

    Tell me quickly,which one i have to learn
    first? And if C++ can covert the strategy
    into EL trough DLL, so do i still have to learn
    EL for different reason?

    Can i learn C++ on my own from home study
    courses Cds , or is it better to take a short
    institute courses?
    How long it will take a newbie to have good
    command for it?

    I hope you don't put out my fire
  9. It seems you are using some software from outer
    space, can you share it please?
  10. huh?

    I'm using radarscreen for tradestation. It's an addon product and the only valuable thing in the whole thingy.

    i hope that helps. :D
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