Poll Worker Tells Voters To Vote Democrat

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    Here you go exGOPHER. Are we going to play this game all day?

    A poll worker in North Carolina has been accused of telling people to vote Democrat.

    Ken Sharpe, of High Point, NC, told Fox News that he was waiting in line to vote when he noticed a poll worker approach a woman who needed help. The incident occurred at the Springfield Friends Church polling station in the city’s third ward.

    Sharpe said he watched as the worker showed the woman where the Obama button was – along with all the other Democrats on the ticket.

    “She was pushing the buttons he told her to push,” Sharpe said. “This is pretty shady.”

    When it was his turn to vote, the poll worker did the same thing, he said.

    “I went up there to vote and he came over and set up the machine for me,” Sharpe said. “He said, ‘If you want to vote straight Democratic ticket mash this button.’”

    “I said, well, what if I want to vote a straight republican ticket? He said ‘Oh, you can do that, too.’”

    Sharpe said the poll worker’s attitude and demeanor changed once he said he wanted to vote for a Republican ticket.

    “This doesn’t set right,” he said. “I think they were trying to shift people’s minds and try to sway any undecided voters at the last minute (to vote Democrat.”

    As soon as Sharpe returned home, he called the FBI’s voter fraud switchboard and filed a complaint.

    “Voters beware of who you are voting for and don’t be swayed by anyone trying to make decisions for you,” he said.

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    Looks like just advice on how to go about the process to me, however these people should be better trained to not make any inputs at all.
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    It's illegal!!!!
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    Tsing Tao

    It's not illegal if the democrats do it. Just Republicans.
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    Funny how that works.
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    Tsing Tao

    I put that exGOP lunatic spamming the forums on ignore. It's become a much nicer place. I'll remove him after the election, but he's just creating way too many threads.
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    The mods need to do something. I think this may be a concerted effort by the democraps to take over political forums on election day and try to sway voters who might read them.

    A daily thread limit would be a good idea.
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    This is SOOOOOOO true!

    And besides this illegal shit going on, can you only imagine the sheer numbers of voting fraud going on among the communistocrats?:mad:
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