POLL: With a few exceptions, are most of ET's die-hard Republicans blithering idiots?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Thunderdog, Mar 20, 2009.

With a few exceptions, are most of ET's die-hard Republicans blithering idiots?

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  1. wjk


    Did Thunderdog gain his level of hatred toward the right through his life experiences, or was he taught this in college?

    The level of intolerance, arrogance, self importance, and perceived superior intelligence is enough reason for me to hate the left. Tdog exemplifies this to perfection. There is no amount of logic that would convince me to be part of such an ideology. I can point to many, many liberals in congress that are really fucking stupid, especially by Tdog's standards. I wonder why we don't hear more about them from the dog.

    Note to Tdog: Posting a stupid shit poll does not demonstrate superior intellect, especially when posting the same basic poll twice.
    #11     Mar 20, 2009
  2. Note the attempt to transfer characteristics that define the conservative point of view to the response to those characteristics. Nice try but transparent. "NO amount of logic"
    ...right we can see that.
    #12     Mar 20, 2009
  3. wjk


    Good point. It was a poor choice of words since liberals are ruled by emotion. The end result is the same. I want no part of an ideology that wants to help the downtrodden with other people’s money and efforts. I would much rather subscribe to an ideology that helps the downtrodden by showing them how to help themselves or by directly helping them.
    #13     Mar 20, 2009
  4. Cesko


    Why are you such a hater? I would expect a little more maturity from some one like you in his 50s. Do you constantly engage in confrontations in your real life Norman?

    He doesn't have real life. Judging by posts frequency.
    #14     Mar 20, 2009

  5. Dont worry thunderingvagina is just starting his trolling early, he is worried if all of the real traders will take off right after the market closes and GO OUT FOR THE EVENING SINCE THEY HAVE A LIFE.

    Him and ZzzZzzZzZZzZedophile have become creative in figuring out ways to get people who actually trade for a living to debate them on a trading site even though neither of them has ever traded a single share in their pathetic existences they call a life.:D
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  6. Obviously in real life he is a little bitch who took the way out that every loser takes, trolling the internet, and no he doesnt have a life, i guarantee that before the night is out ON A FRIDAY NIGHT that him and ZzZZzZZzZedophile will have collectively posted atleast ten times.

    Anyways im out for the evening to go the club and try to get laid, the same thing 99% of all the other single people on this board are probably going to do tonight besides ZzzZZZzZZedophile (unless it is a small child or farm animal) and Thunderingvagina. Have fun with your vibrator and the computer screen tonight thundergina. Im sure itll be a blast:D
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  7. wjk


    You were talking about the liberal mind, right?:D
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  8. Your money. I guess if conservatives had their way it'd all be their money ...somehow, hence the disapearance of the middle class.

    Are you saying your emotions elected a poor choice of words and you're now a liberal? Maybe you should just stop choosing words altogether. Neo, did you start a new ID?

    How about we put the top tax bracket back where it was; that is if you're an advocate of the downtrodden ...they could use it right about now. Oh no not that, we have to use taxpayer money for spa treatment and excursions to Oscar parties and bonuses in the millions ...hey, they earned it.

    When the pillars of your point of view refer to working people out of a job by no fault of their own as losers then you've given up any claim to moral high ground.
    #18     Mar 20, 2009
  9. wjk


    I don't care much for the left or the right, though the right is much more tolerant of my beliefs. My viewpoint is a product of 50+ years of experience, the last several of which I have been self employed, and paying taxes on income over 400 dollars in the first years when I only made 5-10k. Yeah, that's a myth about no taxes if you are low or middle class. It doesn't apply to the self employed.

    I'm not opposed to paying my fair share of taxes. Jefferson was for a graduated tax, and I'm not opposed to that either. I don't believe the government is capable of spending the money properly for those who need it. Do you think they are? If I hand a can of food out my window to someone who needs it, (and I often do), I know they are getting it and some bureaucrat isn't lining his pockets along the way.

    As far as ideology is concerned, I'm not saying there isn't plenty of hate on the right, but you can't tell me that the left is any better. Some in this forum constantly belittle people who have less education and a different viewpoint.

    In my life I've been unemployed, hungry, and without insurance so I feel for those who experience these things. I have not, nor would I refer to them as losers. Quote me please, if I have. As far as government taking care of them, that's a different story. If government was so good at it, why is education still so fucked up? Why is poverty still expanding? And so on. When I was hungry, I dug myself out without government aid. I went back to high school while I paid rent, and then later entered the military. My viewpoint is based on my experience, not some college taught or media generated ideology of hate toward the other side because they don't agree with the viewpoint.

    Who's having parties in the Whitehouse while the downtrodden suffer? For the record, I hate both parties in their current form. And for your info, since you and I have not had previous discussion, my viewpoint is live and let live. If gov was capable of taking care of the needy without the fraud and waste, I'd be all for it. If gov would address situations requiring their attention without taking rights from me at the same time, or taking more money from me without accountability, I would be singing a different tune. It's not what they do but how they do it that bothers me. I could say the same about discussions on this board. It's not the discussion, but the tone that's fucked up.
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  10. Guess my tone was misdirected. I mistook you for one of the typical mutants from this forum.
    If you've read some of the vile racist garbage spewed in these threads you know who I"m referring to and they usually accompany a right wing belief system. Your perspective is very
    on point that one should be an advocate of principles and not any single person or even group of people.
    #20     Mar 20, 2009