Poll: Will the Globex be No More?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by saliva, Oct 24, 2008.

When will the Fed shut down the Globex (AH session)?

  1. 2008

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  2. 2009

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  3. 2010

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  4. Never!

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  1. Extended trading in the afterhours for the index futures used to be a sleeper. Not so anymore. With prices moving so dramatically on light volume (in comparison to RTH), you can easily find the market opening down 50 points by the next morning. Although I wouldn't exactly call it outright manipulation, one could underatandably see it as such. Hence, in the best interest of protecting the bulls, what's the likelihood of the Fed stepping in to shut the AH session altogether?
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    The asian market is down 10% today and globex is just reflecting that drop. With globex at least you can stay up at night and get out. Without it it would just be an overnight gap of similar size.
  3. Any one who answered "never" should be shot because there's a risk they'll sire offspring.

    Anyone seen CME's share price over the past week? FUCK YES there's a risk of restricted trading. Leverage is a boogieman these day's. Futures are all about leverage. Congress wants to jail CEO's who were employing 40-1 leverage yet there's a myriad of futures contracts offering 50-1 leverage. Use your heads.......
  4. Y'all talk like you believe the futures are the "tail that wags the dog"... NOT!
  5. You act like index products are the only dog......:p
  6. Come to think of it, that's what's been happening of late. Some idiots (no pun intended) think we're merely shadowing the oversea markets. Since when did we tagged along other markets. In my entire trading career, it's actually been the other way around.

    Be that as it may, my gripe wasn't about that at all. It's the overarching expansion of government intrusion (or protection depending on how you look at it) to stop the bleeding that concerns me. They practically changed the rules as they see fit by outright manipulation (eg. throwing the shortsellers with the bathwater). What will they not do if they sense that the market is in even more serious dire strait than now?
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    Does anyone know what are relationship between CME guys and Barack after all his is Illinois senator.

    Since it looks like he will be our next president, do you think it is good or bad for CME?
  8. Whats the systemic risk in index futures?

    Also, to the OP, in case you havnt noticed the market crashed. Of course there is going to be volatility. If not now then when?

    This could be the start of the next 15 year bull run with 6 point ranges in the S&P for all we know.

    Everybody needs to calm the fuck down.
  9. That's a weird and baseless conclusion.. :confused:
  10. Where have you been? For a looonnnng while the markets have been at least partially monkey-see-monkey-do all 'round the world. Since much before the invention of Globex.
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