Poll: Will isreal loss this war?

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Poll: Will isreal loss this war?

  1. YES, isreal made mistake

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  2. No, Isreal need two soldiers back

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060804/ap_on_re_mi_ea/mideast_fighting_hezbollah_s_missiles

    shameless Isreal didn't expect Lebanon to fight back like this, now they are looking for ways to stop the weapon source, and i don't think they can fight syria with 4 times more human force, and Iran will simply screw isreal if they attack it's nuke powerplants, by giving all it's ballistic missiles to both Lebanon and syria

    From recent Iran president Ahmadinejat speed, seems Iran already bought nuke weapons for it's allies, because he said resource for destroying isreal is already in hand
  2. Holmes


    No, I do not think so. But it may get a lot (and I mean a LOT) worse before it gets any better.

    Think the selections of the poll is flawed (similar to a mistake I made and then could not amend the poll).

    I do not think it is about getting two soldiers back, it is more that the terrorists have crossed a line in the sand and that the Israelies have said "enough is enough".

    If any of the surrounding countries think that they can "wipe Israel off the map" they better think again. We are already seeing Israelies determination not to be "wiped off the map": at the present moment they are already flattening the south of Lebanon and making it a "no go" zone. They dropped leaflets telling the population to leave and these people did not leave and laughed. Well, I do not think they are laughing now are they?

    Just as when the Arab countries just ignored the predecessor of the UN and did not agree with its ruling when Israel ws formed. (Tried to wipe the newly formed country at that time of the map. But the present generation has forgotten that beating that Israel gave them.) Now they are screaming for help from the west and the UN to "stop the agressor Israel", LOL. When I see Bali, the Philippines, Indonesia, Southern Thailand, Denmark, France then I see no agression from the Jews. I only see agression from the Muslims. We need only to look at the thread "ask the Imam" to realise that Islam is not about a peacefull co-existence with other religions.

  3. wonder how many civilians have to die cause of this 'biggest dick' contest...we already at 1000+ in lebanon and 1/3 of those are children for gawd sake. this shit can escalate and get out of control in no time...iran and syria are fully backin' hezbollah with extremely modern and effective weapons and have no intention of steppin' down....israel has understimated how deadly hezbollah really is..we not talkin' about a freakin' group of terrorists here, they are as organized and trained as an army...i see no end in site, this will get uglier and uglier, especially for the lebanon population that seems to be payin' the ultimate price.

  4. wahaoo stop!? please, what a fucking LOGIC, Mr. LG

    Did you say indonesia, what makes you think they like isreal, fyi they are muslim nation

    I was in thailand last month, and many thai girls was saying isrealis have attitude problems... like bending their knee and puting their feet on chair while eating.... Now Imagine invading their lovely Thai...land

    Every Gov except few european country hate isreal, but who dare to speak
  5. Different parts (islands) in Indonesia are dominated by different religions. However, the vast majority are Muslim. Indeed, Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population. IIRC Israeli's are not permitted visas to enter Indonesia so yes, officially they are not fan's of Israel! It's only 250 million people though. Many Israeli's have second passports, so the visa restrictions are easliy avoided.

    For many years, large groups of young Israeli's have visited Thailand and India etc. on backpacking trips. In Bangkok at certain times of the year depending on military service timings etc. there are parts which are completely dominated by young Israeli's and it's hard to tell you are in Thailand! Whenever you get large groups or cliques of any nationalities congregating in other countries, it often attracts resentment or ill-feeling from locals. Probably a function of being surrounded by so many fellow countrymen, some of these young Israeli's do not respect the local customs as much as they should. Over the years this has built up some negative stereo-typing of Israelis in the minds of some local Thai people. The same can be said of many other nationalities in many other countries where similar congregations occur.

    The point is, everywhere in the world I go and with all the nationalities I have come to know, one single theme remains throughout: the women are hot! Israeli, Lebonese and Iranian women are no exception. For this reason, I cannot take sides, I just wish the men involved would take a look at the women they were blowing up and I know it would end :D
  6. Israel may have underestimated Hezbollah a little, but in the greater scheme of things Israel has yet to break a sweat. Hezbollah is very lucky that I am not the Israeli PM. You lob bombs at my family like that and it will stop as soon as I can possibly stop it. There would be no Lebanon left for people to hassle me about. All there would be is an irradiated strip of previously inhabitable terrain. So in my mind Israel should be commended on their retraint.
  7. Last week when I was in Europe, I did not notice that love for Israel. I felt that the Londoners did not like what Blair was doing and it was very evident from the newscasts and from what I heard from my conversations with the locals. Same goes for the Italians. These are supposed to be US allies in the war.
  8. Are you sure you are a military man claywilk?

    Remember the 1982 invasion? Remember Beirut siege?

    The equivalent of three Hiroshima bombs were dumped on that city over the course of 82 days...One of the Israeli criminal generals even bragged that he seriously doubted that the city's rats could've survived such blow.
    In spite of that, every ground forces advancement toward the city was met with stiff resistance that forced them to retreat and send another load of cluster, napalm and phosphoric bombs.
    The Israeli Command centers used to send messages to the forces on the front line congratulating them for advancing few FEET forward.

    These Hizeb Allah fighters are using the same tactics as the PLO ones.

    Israel should be commanded for their military achievements...the three of them!

    The first one is bombing shelters full of children, convoys of fleeing civilians and Red Cross ambulances and the complete obliteration of all of the southern villages.

    The second one is their success in kidnapping 5 civilians from Baalbak hospital whereby three of them are senior citizens.

    And the third is the capture of two Hizeb Allah fighters whereby one of them had a tattoo on his arm....Something that is highly prohibited in Islam.

    The Stupid fucking morons would not be able to catch a monkey if it danced in front of them so they brought some of their soldiers to pose in front of the camera...

    They started the campaign almost four weeks ago yet there are fighting in Bent Jbail and Ayita Al Sha'ab and other Far southern borders.
  9. Holmes


    Oh you did not hear about the two schoolgirls being beheaded in Indonesia by Mulsims, or the unrest in Yogjakarta initiated by Muslims?

    What I am only pointing out and what you obviously do not want to hear is that the Muslims initiate (and condone) violence against anyone who is not agreeing with them. Even under themselves they have this aggression.

    Similarly in the south of Thailand Muslims go about attacking / murdering those who do "not see it their way".

    I will spell it out for you: Violence in those countries is not directed against Isreal but against other "non Muslim" parts of the population.

    All this Muslim violence has nothing to do with Israel and everrything to do with the mentalitly that is prevalent under the Muslims.

    Einstein was right: the stupidity of mankind is infinite.

    I am done, don't bother to reply as I am slowly but surely getting fed up with those who have their heads stuck in the sand.

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