POLL: Who to support in the highly likely Falklands War?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thehitman, Mar 3, 2012.

Who to support?

  1. The Limeys

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  2. The Argentinians

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  1. England and Argentina are likely to go to war soon. Who shall we support?
  2. I voted for the Limeys, since I once had a Limey girlfriend. I think we should give the Limeys better nukes to quickly defeat Argentina, like we did with Japan.
  3. So far the majority are with the limeys.
  4. We should support the Argentinians . The Argentinian babes are hotter, whilst they wont give us 72 maidens they will at least give us a few, whereas the Limeys will give us just a packet of fish and chips and keep the loot for themselves.
  5. OK I changed my mind. Lets support the Argies.