Poll- Who is worst U.S. President ever?

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Who is worst U.S. President ever?

  1. Obama

  2. Obama

  3. Obama

  4. Obama

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  1. Who is the worst U.S. President ever?
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  3. Tie between FDR and LBJ - the architects of the welfare state
  4. Buchanan, Both Roosevelts, Wilson.
  5. Add Odumbo...

    Add Wilson... he gave us the Federal Reserve
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    A common misconception, I even shared myself at one time. Then I read the historical facts.

    Weren't you one of the guys who claimed several months ago the 2nd amendment was never intended to apply individuals?


    Can we vote more than once in this poll? :)
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    When did ET start using a card check system?
  8. It's so hard to narrow it down to one.

    In no particular order,

    Lincoln, the Obama of his day, a radical elected by a narrow slice of the country who nevertheless pushed a devastating war on us, resulting in the deaths of half a million people,

    Woodrow Wilson, the Obama of his day, an anti-Constitutionalist progressive,

    FDR who was determined to get us into WW II against the country's wishes and against our best interests,

    LBJ a loathsome, corrupt sleaze who put us on our current downward trajectory,

    Eisenhower who sent federal troops to impose a second Reconstruction on the South,

    Carter who turned Iran over to the islamist crazies,

    Bush 41 who foolishly blundered us into a situation where Saddam Hussein thought it was ok to invade Kuwait then got us involved in what should have been a purely arab matter, leading to 9/11 ultimately,

    Bush 43 who got us into two pointless wars, wrecking our budget in the process and of course

    Obama, for all the reasons we know so well.
  9. Unfortunately, Putin is fast making Obama the choice of this poll.
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    620,000 and I believe that was just military personnel.
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