POLL: Who is more evil, Bush or Osama?

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  1. Who is more evil, Bush or his creation, Osama?

    Please vote...
  2. I vote that anyone twisted and moronic enough to select "Bush" above be prohibitted from the U.S. and be required to join the peace-loving Osama in the Afghan-Pakastani hinterlands. Don't worry. We'll visit soon via Daisy Cutter.
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    How one can equate Bush with Osama is really beyond me.
    For starters, let's just say that Bush has access to chemical and biological weapons but is unwilling to use them.
    Osama, if he has access to these weapons, will have no qualms about using them against civilians.
    Case closed.
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  5. I suggest that you should base your judgement not on hypotheses, but on actual actions...
  6. Whether you think the post 9/11 imperial military expansion of the United States, Bush is responsible for the death of more innocent civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq than Osama killed in the US.

    Also, for those who think Bush has some great character advantage, let us not forget that the US has dropped and fired tons and tons of depleted uranium on both countries- arguably a form of chemical warfare and environmental sabotage.

    Great thread Candle.
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    GWB did not drop that stuff. I don't believe those uranium stories, one doctor at one hospital in Baghdad reports a rise in birth defects and every environut around the world with a dollar and a picket sign is protesting. Where were you upper middle class idiots when my community had a childhood leukemia cluster?? Nowhere in sight that's where. It turned out that a guy with a trailer park had drilled a well right into some uranium but the environuts and health experts could not put it together that all those kids had lived at the same trailer park at some point in their lives. You are all a big friqqing waste to me.

    I remember SWINE from Al Capp's cartoons back in the 60's, stood for Students Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything.


  8. :D some good points.

    i think the issue with the depleted uranium (typically fired from A-10 "Tank Killer" fighters) has nothing to do with cancer (since they are "depleted," which means not radioactive), but with the fact that uranium is the most toxic element known to man, far more toxic than lead, mercury, arsenic, etc.

    even if its not radioactive, even trace amounts can cause lots of health problems, and with the amount fired into iraq, it's going to be a huge health hazard and pain in the ass.
  9. Sad story about the trailer park.... but not sure how it relates to the open, deliberate usage of a known poison on populated areas as practiced in recent wars.

    Here is a balanced (as much as can be found anyway) article on the subject. DU is definitely in use in Iraq.

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    Candle, nice sweater.
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