Poll!! Which Way (It's Gonna Be Huge!)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by The Answer, May 31, 2003.

  1. Assuming that The Answer doesnt know The Answer, I will state this. The indicies are at MASSIVE inflection points. Anything could happen but I believe it will be huge in either direction. Perhaps Payroll will be the impetus but the setup will manifest earlier in the week. So given that ET'ers only trade what they see and not what they think, where are we going?
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    The question does not follow the premise, unless one presumes clairvoyance. Leave off the last word and you'll have something.
  3. i trade what i think, not what i see. that said--9027 is the tremendous resistance in my system.


  4. if it stablizes here or gets stronger

    we might rock and roll for a few weeks

    into triple / quad witch

    of course that would make eveyone even more

    bullish thus setting up a nice retracement

    later this summer ( my 2 cents )

  5. Bush makes $$$ comments over weekend

    ISM # out monday

    INTC conf call undate thurs ( barrons this weekend neg on them)

    unemployment # out friday

    should be ab interesting week
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    wow... thia poll is a total battle!

    Flat? hehe
  7. The question was....
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    How will dollar strength to-morrow off of the President's comments effect stocks?
  10. The IT is a saucer symmetric about a line in late Feb for the NAS. The markets are somewhat mixed at points of symmetry for slow turns in IT trends. You will notice the tenor here is such that a lot of marginal people are having a hard time. This is typical of going into the point of symmetry on a saucer.

    The political mish mash keeps the global economy's progress muddled. The continuous dulling of the impact individual events caused by the increasing perponderance of them is what is lowering the volatility of markets.

    This thread is like a wish list in part. Wanting something isn't going to make it happen. The 8 aren't going to just bash Bush and then move on. It is just a rotten time with lots of messes to clean up.

    As the global economic potential builds, inevitably it is going to prevail over the bullshit out there. Then the IT saucer will be complete and we will be rolling again.

    I didn't vote on those choices.
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