Poll: Which U.S. Rule is the most brilliant?

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    and why?
    This country is full of bull sh!t, just like every other country in the world, maybe except Switzerland :D
  2. One of our states it's illegal to have sex with dogs.... hmm.. must have been a problem back in the day. They're all a tough decision... but I'd probably go with women can't drive in a house coat.

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    well since most of those rules are really never enforced except for the Uptick and PDT rule.....I would have to go with none of the above.........This country may or may not be full of bullshit, who really knows??? All I can say is people are willing to die to come over.........:confused:

    ooops...the 4mm for hot coffe was also enforced
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    Here are more proofs of U.S. lawmakers high intelligence:

    A man can legally beat his wife, but not more than once a month.
    Alligators can not be kept in bathtubs.

    Idaho: Illegal for a man to give his girl a box of candy weighing less than fifty pounds.

    Kentucky: Throwing eggs at a public speaker can result in up to 1 year in prison.

    Maine: After January 14th you will be charged a fine for having your Christmas decorations still up.

    Wyoming: All new buildings that cost over $100,000 to build must have %1 of funds spent on art work for the building.

    Nebraska: If a child burps during church, his parent may be arrested.

    Washington: It is illegal to paint polka dots on the American flag.
    It is illegal to entice girls away from the Maple Lane School for girls.

    Source: DumbLaws.com
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    Illinois State Laws:
    You must contact the police before entering the city in an automobile. The English language is not to be spoken.

    City Laws
    Champaign: One may not pee in his neighbor's mouth.
    Chicago: It is illegal to give a dog whiskey. It is forbidden to fish while sitting on a giraffe's neck. It is legal to protest naked in front of city hall as long as you are under seventeen years of age and have legal permits.
    Crete: It is considered an offense to attempt to have sex with one's dog. Cars may not be driven through the town.
    Eureka: A man with a moustache may not kiss a woman.

    North Dakota: It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on. Beer and pretzels can't be served at the same time in any bar or restaurant.
    Rhode Island, Newport: You cannot smoke a pipe after sunset.
    Scituate: It is illegal to drive down any street with beer in your car, even if it is unopened.

    Hey, Europeans! Look, there's a lot to learn from our american friends! :D I'm glad that posting on Elite Trader is not prohibited in Poland :D
  6. Do unused beatings roll-over? Say she's an angel all of 2002 and suddenly she does something really bad during the New Years Office party with one of her coworkers. Can you use up the unused beatings and really give her a good knock-out?
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    LOL! aphie that is the multi-million-dollar question! Maybe some good lawyer will give an advice if you pay him $200 for every hour of his/her explanations and consultations.
  8. to be on the safe side, maybe it would be better to do the new year's beatdown on dec. 31, then give her a reminder when she wakes up on jan. 1, thus obeying the law....

    another good one:

    New York
    Citizens may not greet each other by "putting one's thumb to the nose and wiggling the fingers".
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    U.S Federal Law

    It is illegal to dance to the Star Spangled Banner (U.S. national anthem).
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    You forgot in baldwin park,ca you cannot ride your bike in a pool full of water, it's against the law and you will go to jail.
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