POLL: which is better for web design... Macromedia Flash or Macromedia Dreamwaver?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Apr 18, 2003.

  1. For ease of use, impact and a quick learning curve, please vote for the preferred package...

  2. This is somewhat of a loaded question... If you want to do Flash, you use Flash. Dreamweaver is used for like putting regular pages together. If you don't know what you're doing, obviously you'd start with Dreamweaver. Unless maybe you want like totally Flash-based web pages.

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  3. Absolutely correct... Dreamweaver is the beginner's package. If you want to get into Flash, I highly recommend that you take a look at Swish 3d and other Flash generator programs. In addition, hardly any Flash developer limits themselves to Flash anymore because it's too basic. Most use elements from other programs like Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Poser, 3D Studio Max, Corel Draw, Premiere, and a few others.

    Check out a few tutorials first... Learn in the following order... Photoshop (and Image Ready), Dreamweaver, Flash, and then any number of programs. Most people specialize in one or two packages and practice them until they think they know it all. You can gain much more from learning 40% of Photoshop, then learning a little bit of Dreamweaver, then start your first web project, and then start learning the concepts in Flash, and then go nuts. It won't take you any more than 4 months to get relatively good at web design if you set your mind to it.