POLL: Which author on options methodologies do you rate most highly?

Discussion in 'Options' started by candletrader, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Please vote and add any further comments...
  2. charles cottle
  3. I voted other, cuz neither of the two authors I would have voted for are in the poll:( My vote would be for either Charles Cottle or Nassim Taleb.
  4. charles cottle--the rest are mere info hustlers..
  5. Maverick74


    In terms of which off these guys are the best traders, I would say Saliba. Tony had over over 70 consecutive 100k months when he started trading. He was a millionaire by age 26 I believe. And he did not swing for the fences. Made money every single month. Quite a feat.

    Natenburg on the other hand is a lousy trader. Ask anybody on the floor. McMillan runs a hedge fund with very poor results. And Fontanillis peddles his stuff on infomericals so that eliminates him. Cottle is a great trader although I have never heard of anyone beating Saliba's consistency record.
  6. I chose 'Other'

    Wilmott and Hull are some of my favorite authors....
  7. No one there to choose from....as far as sheer success goes...but

    I would have to say from experience and obvious success, that Blair Hull was and is the "master of options" .....Now will that make him a great Senator from Illinois....I just don't know.....

    (Just kidding, Blair....If this post shows up somewhere, let it be known that if we could vote in Illinois, that Bob and I would be behind you!!).....

    To the rest of you...do some research on "Hull Trading".....going back to a Company called "Options Research"....Many millions were made with their help.


    PS. Larry's books are pretty good for overall option concepts as well.
  8. Maverick74


    Don, CRT, I know you must know who they are, blows Blair Hull out of the water.

    And no Blair Hull will not be the next Senator of Illinois. Fat chance.
  9. Those who can, do; and those who can't, teach. There is typically little correlation between the two. Hence, while McMillan and Natenberg might not be able to trade their way out of a paperbag, I'd choose their tomes over anybody else's if forced to trade from a desert island (as opposed to the tropical one that remains on my To Buy list).
  10. MDCigan


    What do you mean by this, "info hustlers"? Isn't all writing, or teaching an attempt to convey information?
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