POLL: When should Mondo be banned?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. Please vote...
  2. They will ban me when they admit they are total hypocrites and are simply out to promote their agenda.

    Which could of course happen any day !
  3. GeeTO69


    NEVER! Mondo is a cool PATRIOT!
  4. Never. And you're no one to suggest banning someone.

  5. While he does press the annoying button a little too hard at times, all of you have to love the fact that elitetrader allows the discussion that occurs on this board. We, as traders, are an interesting demographic of independent people, and as such, many of us will disagree, whine, and bitch about our beliefs until the day we pass on. Enjoy the noise or turn the channel.
  6. Dear brother candle,

    can we please have a similiar poll for user qdz2 ? :D
  7. You have the ability to create a poll also FX.
  8. Nothing seems to help. This guy already returned as ´qdz3´. :mad:
  9. qdz4 is coming up next I'm sure. Moderators don't do shit.