Poll: What's your favorite strategy?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lindq, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. lindq


    1. Buy strength
    3. Buy weakness
    2. Sell strength
    4. Sell weakness
    5. Other
  2. lindq


    Think there's one "best" way to trade the market? I'll wager that the results of this poll show otherwise.
  3. How about ALL OF THE ABOVE! :D

    They've all worked for me, and they've all NOT worked for me. Using whatever the situation calls for is best of course, but not knowing exactly what the situation calls for is the part that seems to keep everybody down. :p I tend to be a "Buy Weakness" kind of guy myself (I'm always trying - despite rational thought - to get the jump on a possible reversal and buy at the absolute bottom). This of course means that I usually buy on the first down day after a 50 day runup and don't sell until I'm at the 30th down day....

    Sometimes there's a reason it's called "weakness." Damn Bre-X.
  4. GNP!!!

    Look at NDC last week. My fund cleaned house there.

    Of course AFCE kicked the piss out of NDC. I made over 500 basis points on those 2 trades.

    After about 4 months of anemic results, I really think that GNP is back in a major way.
  5. Of course there isn't one way. Each person has to find the way that works best for him.

    I agree with your signature: I like to keep it simple.

    What I do is expect a reversal on the stock from my list of half a dozen that outpaces the others on that list. They take turns from day to day.

    Here's the list: MXIM, QLGC, QCOM, KLAC, NVLS, XLNX