POLL: What's the most violent religion?

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violent religion

  1. Christianity

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  2. Buddhism

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  3. Judaism

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  4. Islam

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  5. All are equally bad

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    By far its Islam;
    & thats a matter of public record.

    To confuse Christianity with Islam is amazing, as some voters have:cool:
  3. I dunno, the Crusades, the middle passage, Salem, the KKK, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, give pause to this assessment.
  4. The most violent/criminal/fanatic/savage act was the murder of Jesus Christ.
  5. As they say 'more blood spilled in the name..' of a 'god' all about the same, IMO. Leaders find followers. Followers carry out leaders orders in the name of (insert one), and the followers are fed virgins, eternal life, whatever. Same story, same results. The 'others' are bad, and you are 'good.' Weird but true.

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    R trader;
    I see your point[my comments were limited to US history];
    some people would rather not fight at all.
    That kind of peacenik policy lets Hitler & Iran fundys rule the worlds. Not that that is peaceful for long but some think so.

    Of course I do believe much of the Bible;
    I just read the last verse in Is 57-''there is no peace says my God for the wicked.''

    Sothe idea peace could prevail without any capital punishment or war is an unrealsitic fantasy.

    thru strength.

    Ps I like King Solomon, his name contains peace;
    his dad David was quite a fighter. Not that Israel is Iran , big difference.

  7. Yes, that's part of the problem with the basic question. Picking and choosing which era you want to make your religion look better. A lot of Christians killed native Americans on religious grounds as well. But, as noted above, Christianity, as prescribed by human beings, has had the leaders do the killing of the bad guys, by their followers. Pretty easy to accumulate followers in the name of a 'god' - regardless of which one. Followers need leaders, thus churches and the rest of it.

  8. Tom B

    Tom B

    I think murray is referring to recent history (murray, correct me if I am wrong). The Crusades occurred hundreds of years ago. WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam were not religious wars. Most Muslim violence today and in recent history is conducted in the name of Islam.

    BTW, I think this is a ridiculous thread. American hero is a troll.
  9. Yep +1

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    No wonder people here are starting to put you on ignore.
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