POLL: what's the most useless human emotion?

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  1. Im posting this question in regards to Life in general though it can be thought of in a Trading context as well....
  2. Contradicting to what I've written about un-emotionality...

    All emotions are important. These are aspects of who we are. It's a matter of keeping it in control which are important.

    For example, let's take a car.

    Automatic Transmission cars are easy to drive. You don't have to control the transmission. But manual transimission gives you more control and higher performance, in general, based on each condition.
    ( Yes, F-1 cars use Semi-Automatic but they program the transmission before each race condition and some high end 0-400 cars use automatic transmission but they also program the ratio 30 min. before the race, it's like doing pre-market research and executing while the market's open)

  3. I clicked 'worry', but nervousness is what I really mean.
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    Envy is really useless, and people are constantly mistaking it for their sense of justice.
  5. To me, it's pride.

    For all the other emotions listed I think of some positive uses, but with pride, I really can't think of any useful purpose it serves.

    Jealousy/envy are pretty rotten emotions. I basically see them as being pissed off because you believe you never be as good as someone, or that you can never have what they have. To the extent that's true, yeah, jealousy is pretty pointless. However, if the jealousy is because you haven't got it now, but could, in theory, get it, then I think jealousy could be positive if it spurs you on to greater efforts.

    Hate is pretty pointless if hate is all you do. Usually the party being hated is not even aware of it, and if they are, they'd probably be pretty happy knowing what mental anguish they are causing you. There's a lot of truth to the saying "when you hate, the only one that suffers is you". However, if your hatred of something spurs you on to taking action, action that you otherwise might not have taken, well, I would say it's got its uses.

    Pride, however, I just don't see any good in it. Sure, you could say you take pride in your work. However, that can often lead people to becoming locked in their position, defending themselves against even the most logical of criticism. Why? 'Cos they take "pride" in their work. Pride insulates one against useful information and that often ends up costing the proud. It's really a foolish emotion, one that we'd all be better off without.

    Worry and fear are also pretty bad. Of course, they are essential in some ways. It's probably a pretty good thing that you're afraid of jumping out in front of moving cars. However, it works against us when we imgane all sorts of terrifying consequances for our actions that then prevents us from taking those actions; in other words, irrational fears. Worry, if it's taken to mean concern, obviously has its uses. You are probably right to be concerned about sending your kid off to parachuting lessons with an unqualified instructor. However, worrying about something, and doing that alone, like sitting at home "worrying" about why your girlfriend is late, is she out screwing somebody else, is pretty useless in that it drains you, may not be rational, stresses you, prevents you from working on other, perhaps more important, tasks etc.

  6. Is "Worry" really an emotion? I don't think so. It's a state of mind that may trigger emotions but not an emotion by itself.

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  7. If any of above mentioned emotions were useless, evolution would have 'outsourced' it rather than have it implemented in virtually any human on earth.

    Denying your emotions is not the key: understanding and learning to appreciate them is!
  8. Regret seems to be a waste of time from most perspectives; except maybe grieving/mourning the loss of someone it can be useful at times.
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    Jealousy....by far the worst emotion to experience and the most useless....It can easily turn from jealousy to anger...and for what?????? She is either yours or not...experiencing this emotion doesnt change that fact...I can understand being angry at someone for disapointing you but jealousy is just useless....