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  1. In a weird kind of way, I really like the Iraqi information minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf... it would be a real loss to the world of entertainment if we killed him...


    Although the stuff that he presents to the world's media is obviously a load of lies, he presents his side of the story in a most hilarious manner... there has not been one occasion where I have not cracked up in a genuine fit of laughter after listening to him give the Iraqi viewpoint...

    I hope that we liberate him from Baghdad, and sign him up as a prime time chat show presenter... he would do a much better job than Jerry Springer...
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  3. ktm


    We should offer him a job here.

    Can you imagine how many publicly traded companies (whose lies are still secret) could use a guy like this?

    He's perfect for the job...and who could have a better resume?
  4. I agree 100%
  5. I think he should be Hillary Clinton's bitch, er, running mate in the next presidential election !
  6. :D LMAO -- classic stuff guys...

    he'd do fine on the daily show on comedycentral...he'd be way too talented to waste on springer or SNL...

    he should be the daily show's foreign correspondent...
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    This thread is HALARIOUS!!!!!!!!

    I really like the IM. He rocks! He is even smirking out the corner of his mouth now when he says the stuff!!!

    SH has assasinated generals that told him what he did not want to hear, or for not defeating the US during the first gulf war.

    If he has not done anything terrible, I vote for having him be the information manager of Enron.

  8. I think he might make a great lawyer. You'd always know that something that he said wasn't quite the whole truth. The question would be, "What?"

    I think he'd make a great game show contestant. Maybe try, "Hollywood Squares." Maybe start a show called "Who's Telling a Lie?" Make sure you give him some truths sometimes and it could be a real challenge for the participants.

    Actually, he and Bill Clinton in a 1/2 hour point/counterpoint show would be a winner. You'd have name calling (multi-lingual), mud slinging, accusations, all couched in sincerity and smiles. Two champion liars have at it each week. You'd have to wonder if there was any truth in anything you'd hear. But it would be great entertainment. Excellent worldwide audience/syndication potiential. A ratings gem if I ever heard one.

    Hmm, now that I actually compare the two, he could make for good presidential material. Aren't the democrats still looking for a standard bearer? :)
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    I think he should be shot in the back of the head, while doing a broadcast....Then maybe his viewer's can determine whether we are in baghdad or not......:D
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