POLL: What should we do to Iraqis...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. ... who don't accept the Stars 'n Stripes as their flag and who try to stop us ruling em and taking the oil as payment for liberating em?

    Please vote...
  2. I voted for immediate justice... option 2... disobedient Iraqis should be shot on the spot (lower costs and fewer administrative issues than the other three options)...
  3. Magna

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    You're a sick SOB Candle, no other way to describe you. :(
  4. Brother Magna,

    Disobedient Iraqis are a threat to our brave hero soldiers... we must eradicate all threats...

    God Bless America...

  5. I agreed with you you sick bastard!!!
  6. Brother picknclick,

    Thank you for agreeing...

  7. we should round up a bunch of Iraqi's and move them to the united states, swapping them for the war protestors.

  8. ROFL!!
  9. ElCubano


    There will be plenty of disobidient IRAQI's and rightfully so...They just got invaded and are going to be told how their country will be operated from now till who knows when ( i guess till the opposition leaders or any puppet we find fills the shoes of the current soldiers )...with that in mind I am afraid to say that my vote would be number 2....I would much rather kill an IRAQI than be killed.....and I also agree with Magna you are one sick Mother Fucker...its good to know you are not out on the field....:D
  10. Brother CubanCigar,

    Thanks for agreeing!!!

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