POLL: What next in Iraq?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Our brave American patriots are being murdered on a daily basis by the Evil Iraqi Terrorist Scumbags...

    The time has come to take definitive action against the Terrorists of Iraq and any Weapons of Mass Destruction that they may attempt to use against us...

    Please vote...
  2. Those are the only four options you can think of?
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    When Yankee being corned, they want to be the terminator of this world.
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    With all due respect, I condon all live lost in this war, no matter who they are, either they are "brave American patriots" or "Evil Iraqi Terrorist Scumbags", because they are not supposed to be what they are being labeled now, what they are doing now.

    Before the war, Bush told the world that Iraq must be conqured because Iraq has piled up millions of WMD. Now, even a single trace of WMD couldn't be found in Iraq, Bush will, again in the holy name of WMD, tell the world that all Iraqis must be exterminated because they may attempt to use WMD against us...

    It is a shame that there are so many people around hoping to see this bloody war becomes bloodier.
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  6. The time has come that the civilized world (led by USA) must take a stand against the terrorists in that photo... those terrorists must surrender or we will have no option but to kill them...

    There is no place in this world for Evil Doers such as in that picture... I suggest we bomb em with Daisy Cutters...
  7. Let's get this thread rolling... it's important to come to consensus on the best way to kill off the Evil Iraqi Terrorists...
  8. I voted for using daisy cutter therapy.

    More bombs, less American soldiers risking their lives to "pacify" the scum.


    Fallujah is obviously a key city - I say we use it as an example to show Middle East Muslim scum how NOT to act towards us.

    Daisy cutters were created to "pacify."

  9. When I saw that "Iraq & Palestine one cause" sign ...I couldn't help myself, and clicked the daisy cutter option.
  10. You are obviously a moron that has no idea what democracy is about.
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