POLL: What is your uncle point?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by candletrader, May 8, 2002.

  1. Dearest Brethren,

    It would be interesting to gain a feel for how much we are willing to lose on a given trade...

    Please vote in accordance with your average uncle point...

  2. Is this per 100 shares?
  3. Bono


    It would have been better to put it percentage perms, like :
    a) 10%
    b) 20%
    c) 40%
    d) 80%
    and e) 100% :)
  4. Its an absolute dollar amount...
  5. Rigel


    Lately it's been about 2 cents before the direction changes. Uncle!.....Pause.....Oh s#!t.
  6. ROFL! ... tell me about it! :D
  7. I hazard a guess that those voting for category 6 are swing traders with longer trade horizons...
  8. I've been watching this thread as it is related to my stoploss thread last week.
    I am surprised to see flat dollar amounts as the only catagories when most money management systems I've seen and use follow a % system. Risk vs. reward presets and a maximum loss % of total account bankroll to decide maximum position size.

    Am I missing something here or were you trying to guage the multi-day traders vs. daytraders by using a flat dollar amount.
    Or further still the percentage of large account holders here vs. smaller size accounts.
    Seems to me you guys with million dollar accounts will laugh off $500.00 (to a point) compared to say a $35,000 account holder.

    Just wondering if I have missed a money management theory somewhere after reading this thread.
  9. pitufo


    I try to keep my losses to two or three cents, not always possible though, if I am lossing that much then I get out right away, usually I try to get out as soon as it didn't go my way within a few seconds, thus trying to scratch. If I trade 4000 maximum position then 3 cents would only be $120.
  10. I know what you are saying... in accordance with money management principles, risk as a % of equity should remain constant and $ risk should be a variable... but I am one of those kids who risks the same $ amount whatever size my account has grown to (i.e. % risk of equity declines over time)... what I try and keep constant is my share size... its a comfort level thing and I think many traders do the same thing
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