POLL: What is your religious faith?

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POLL: Which best describes your religious faith?

  1. Buddhist

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  2. Catholic Christian

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  3. Muslim

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  4. Hindu

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  5. Atheist / Secular / Agnostic

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  6. Orthodox Christian

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  7. Something Else

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  8. Jewish

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  9. Biblical/Evangelic Christian

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  10. Protestant Christian

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  1. Interesting post. Sort of a blend of Zen and Nietzsche. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    What do you think Supermax?
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  2. Misspelling forgive is unforgivable.
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  3. Knowledge is the result of righted perceptions.

    Not to quibble, but there is no knowledge in this world.

    In this world, there is only the element of perception, which always leaves room for doubt. Nothing is completely known.

    The world is nothing. It cannot possibly be "known". So God does not know it.

    In a world of unknowns, only "faith" makes real. So the world is the "evidence" of a past faith in the unreal...religiously believed in.

    There is no faith or belief in the realms of knowledge.

    Perceptions can be close to the truth, or not even close.

    The object is to right your perceptions so that it is just a short step back to the realm of knowledge.

    This is the only kind of "righteousness" that has any meaning.

    When your perceptions are righted, the symbols you see must begin to align with the truth.

    A world of beauty stands in place of this one, seen with eyes aligned with the truth.

    But even this world will pass because it is built on perception, so what is seen are still symbols. All symbols will pass when you step back to knowledge. You will have no use for anything that is not absolutely real.

    As you are correcting your perceptions, you will occasionally be swept up into knowledge, an experience I call "revelation". These revelations jog your memory so-to-speak, momentarily placing you in your "home". It is beyond words. But you will be able to use the comparison to finalize your choice to return. As these occur, the world you seem to "live" in seems less and less "real" and more and more dream-like.

    Memory is a device used to build this world. It is not a part of knowledge. You can right your perceptions by using memory to "remember" what is NOW. I am now.

    Revelation is not a "vision", as in the last book of some books you've been told to worship and fear. It is an experience of your reality. And from that place of knowledge, it is clear how bogus the world really is. The world offers orgasms. But revelation let's you remember that you are sacrificing The Big O for a little "oh". So the world is a sacrifice of Self. It abates the Master.

    In the world, defense is a concern because the world is an attack on truth...and you are the truth.

    But even in the world, truth is your best defense because the laws of heaven supercede the laws of "man".

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  4. bluud


    Funny I clearly stated that those are Lawrence's words, anyhow you are rational because you are so sure that defense is to not be scared, if there is reincarnation, I hope you be born as a fearless poor person, from a degraded family, and within a third-world country, a victim of everyones abuse and eventually suffer and die fighting fearlessly to defend your country, after your death your family are caught in the war and raped, your son cut into pieces and your daughter kept as a sex slave. Yes, i hope you experience, fearlessness = defense, in real life. Maybe watching you in your next life might take away my boredom for a minute or so.

    I on the other hand have no wish to think that I am obliged to always think rationally.
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  5. bluud


    "I am ....", What I understand from your words is this: "this world is not real and so why try to defend a body that is attacking you in the first place by creating a false world for you, to find defense is to find the real world."

    If there were this real world you are talking about; what I would assume is that one who has entered this real world (which you must be claiming you have), must be able to alter this imaginary, divided and attacking world to his will, which you exhibit no signs of (being capable of) ?!
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  6. Well no one here at ET attacks me, right? At least not successfully or for very long. Ok, one time I seemed to be attacked by a ratboy, but it didn't hurt. :) Is that not a sign? Several times the Jews took up stones to stone me but seemed unable to hit the broadside of a barn.

    The alteration on the "outside" corresponds to the alterations on the inside. That is, as you change what you think, the evidence accumulates. At first, the changes may be subtle. In this work, you are dismantling what has been hardened by eons of erroneous. religious belief, compacted by ages of misplaced faith, and made concrete by tons of faulty judgement. If you shake the very foundations of your thought system, something will start to give way, and you will see the evidence of it.

    I serve the purpose of shaking loose some key stones in a house that is bound to fall anyway. Your task is to take the rest of it down, brick by brick, with the help of the Teacher within.

    "Miracles" are just such evidence of alterations already made on the "inside" of your mind. They always entail a shift in perception. You are not always aware of them. But as the shifts become more profound, more sure, more trustworthy, more convincing, so will the outward signs.

    Those who have made the shift to Life can raise the dead. This is done by assisting a shift in perception within a mind that thought is was private. Miracles affirm that mind-space is shared. An "open" mind can handle shifts more readily than a closed mind. That is why in some places I could do more miracles than others. It is relative to open-mindedness, which closely correlates with faith in truth.

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  7. Let's consider the less obvious first.

    Take for example a choice between which movie you will go see. Each choice alters your driving pattern on the way back from the movie theater, changing your time and place at any given moment.

    Once choice puts you in the hospital because of a car accident.
    The other choice you are home free, no problems.

    You eventually see both movies. But on the night you would have gotten into a car accident, you chose a movie you would not normally have seen. You didn't like it, and you wondered why you were so "stupid" to see such a terrible movie.

    But it turns out you were not stupid about the choice. How were you able to make this choice?

    I will tell you that if you are actively practicing "forgiveness", you will begin to make choices that alter your experience of the world for the better.

    Mind you, the world is like a multiple choice script. The script is written, that is, all scripts are written. And in each script you must play your role.

    Forgiveness is the practice of allowing what is true to be true. At the very least, it is employed when you are bothered, but it may also be a constant practice because what is before your eyes is constantly not true. In fact, eyeballs are made for seeing only what is false...so they are made to see the insanity of the ego's world. What you are seeing are seriously insane notions...insane thought taking shape in front of your eyes. Seeing nothing but seriously insane notions, eyeballs are designed to see nothing but SIN. So forgiveness is necessary as an ongoing process, if you want to see something else...ie. reality.

    By letting what is true be true, you alter your choice of scripts, most of which revolve around what happens when you insist that illusions must be real...which is how the world is built.

    Whatever seems to happen, no matter what the script, it is the answer to a question, "What if?" And for this reason such scripts are called "lessons" that teach you something about unreality. All lessons answer the question, "What if everything was different from what it is?"

    Because what is is easy, the world is a school of hard knocks. None of the lessons are "easy". So all of the scripts written by the ego for the world are lurid, disappointing, painful...full of dashed hopes and dreams.

    As automatons, you follow these scripts fulfilling your roles with such precision that your entire existence in time and space is as exact as a series of deja vu experiences strung together. Oh, what a web we weave, when at first we do decieve ourselves! There really are no accidents. Everything happens per plan. But no matter what seems to happen, the ego intends to kill you off, and write you out of each script.

    The world is the experience of unforgiveness. In it, nothing that is true is allowed to be true. It is a denial of reality, and judgement keeps it "alive". So all of the ego's scripts key off of unforgiveness and decision-making without all the facts (judgment). When there is no forgiveness, behavior is extremely predictable. It's so predictable, it's like a game for the maker of this world. So effects are predictable. This is the basis of "gloom and doom" type prophecy.

    Forgiveness is "off the script", meaning, the maker of this world, the ego, is unable to predict what happens when love enters in, because it knows nothing of love.

    All the lessons of the world eventually teach you that the world is not something you really want. Rather, it is a wish that satisfied your curiosity. When you begin to forgive, you dance from script to script, avoiding the harsh lessons each script offers.

    This dance is scripted by the Holy Spirit. It is as if you had a Voice guiding you through a mine-field...always guiding you away from pain. He is able to do this because he is aware of all the scripts from beginning to end, having all knowledge. His judgement is different from yours because He has all the facts in front of Him.

    When you give your decision-making over to the Holy Spirit, you will be led away from the harsher lessons. As those lessons are no longer an option, you are altering time and space. As you forgive, you allow for the collapse of vast sections of the hologram that is time and space.

    So forgiveness is a kind of miracle. It's effects are undetected at first, like how you managed to choose to avoid a car accident on the way back from a movie you did not really want to go to. The choice was made because the "lesson" of the car accident was not needed for you to realize that this world is not what you want.

    It's true that you really don't want this world. The will that makes it is temporary and passing. The mind used to make it wakes up from it's dreams of death. The truth is, your true will is the same as everyone else's, which is the same as mine, which is the same as our Father.

    When you let the truth be true, you begin to "fulfill" God's Will, which is that you be happy always.

    Let me tell you a secret that can save you alot of time: The world cannot make you happy, and so the world must not be God's will for you.

    Pay attention to how you are feeling. When you are not feeling joy, you have chosen resistance to God's Will. No worries. It's not held against you. When you become aware that you are not joyful, see it as a wake up call and a reminder to choose your joy again.

    In this way, you wake yourself up.

    In this way, you make the choice that sets you free.

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  8. You think my answer is only words? Think again; if your wish comes true than I still think that my life would be less miserable than what your are going through, currently.
    I'm not saying there is no misery, I'm saying don't be scared of misery that might happen to you, and certainly don't be scared of all the misery that might happen to some other people.

    Were you yourself in a war, or something. Might explain.
    I think you should seek help, serious. No need to waste your life like this.

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  9. The best defense:

    Drugs=Fearlessness=defense. If you can afford the drugs.
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  10. Nobody wants to be rational all the time, but when you could, you wouldn't be so miserable. That's why I asked you to answer Hansel's question. If you do decide not to be rational about your distorted views, then you choose to accept them and the misery that follows is your own choice. Do you want to be happy, if you had the choice?
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