POLL: What is your religious faith?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rcanfiel, Oct 31, 2007.

POLL: Which best describes your religious faith?

  1. Buddhist

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  2. Catholic Christian

    10 vote(s)
  3. Muslim

    5 vote(s)
  4. Hindu

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  5. Atheist / Secular / Agnostic

    29 vote(s)
  6. Orthodox Christian

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  7. Something Else

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  8. Jewish

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  9. Biblical/Evangelic Christian

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  10. Protestant Christian

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  2. bluud


    maybe reading my posts builds anger within you and so you assume I am angry, I hardly hold feelings for anything. Likewise I couldn't feel happiness even if it was given to me, whatever it is supposed to be. Most I know is that I am bored, happiness might be to take boredom away from me, that would only be possible if life accelerated one way or another.

    Let me tell you a story; I remember long ago, when I was a teenager, a few guys where talking about how some guy had committed suicide because his wife had died, one guy started; that some people are really weak, like this guy, he could have easily continued on with his life. And he changed the subject and started talking about himself and how he started from nothing and now he has his own company, and people work for him. After everyone split up, I went to the guy and continued the conversation, I made it clear to him that though it seems that he is succeeding in life, his life is degrading at a faster rate than he is achieving anything, and that this will first show itself through signs of aging and eventually death. He was almost going to cry, he just became silent and really had nothing to say, so I said goodbye and left.

    Truth is, it requires more and much more energy to build than to destroy, why waste time on building life, specially for others, to remain neutral results in boredom, so you can wish hell upon others, to watch people die from natural disasters can result in something not boring which is sufficient.
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  3. Indeed, any goal in which the betterment of the body is the objective brings about it's death.

    If people spent as much effort returning to an awareness of strength of mind, the body would be taken care of because it is an outpicturing of mind. In other words, the body shows you what is foremost on your mind.

    This is hidden because the mind has been split into various levels of awareness. As a rule of thumb, what has been called the "conscious" mind is not aware of much at all.

    So the body tells you what is foremost at deeper levels of a fragmented mind. By observing it, you can flesh out what is hidden from your sight.

    At deep levels, the mind that makes the body intends to kill it.

    So the mind is sick. And unless time is used to heal it, it is in the process of killing the body that seeks it's own betterment.

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  4. bluud


    I do understand what you are saying, and I have nothing against your words, according to statistics there is a possibility that you might be right, but what I would like to know most is what you have obtained as a result of your knowledge?

    let's call him Lawrence. Lawrence once said; by being in this world, there is a probability that I might be a victim, a victim of anything not pleasant, no matter how small that probability is, even if I have no problems with being a victim, I am disgusted by the fact that I can be a victim of people that I never asked to be around with. Take for instance verbal abuse, I never wanted to be in the same world as say Joe, but for some fucking reason he gave himself the right to try and degrade me with his words, it is not him trying to degrade me that bothers me most, it is him being in the same world as me that gives me every right to make him and so everyone else a victim, a victim of their own actions before it's occurrence. In basic words, everyone is guilty until proven innocent, since we can not take the risk of becoming a victim of an unwanted worthless human by assuming humans as innocent beings, we believe that they are guilty, guilty of a crime that only can be punished by hell. This hell they will see in this world before they die, and as they die. As a side note he added, if ever we are found a victim of one of these pathetic entities, we take pride in the fact that we have punished a good number of them before falling a victim, if this pattern is understood, it will eventually result in either the extinction of mankind or enlightenment which ever they deserve most.

    My question from you is, how have you come to protect yourself from the everyday possible terrors around you? I ask, because I believe as an entity, a good defence system is what I need, and if ones philosophy or system of thought can not provide me with a good defence system, it sucks as much as it's creators do.
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  5. stu


    You might climb down from your high horse for a second, just to understand those quotes were your quotes, used in context, against your own comments.
    Presumably you thought them to be of some worth when you threw them out, but now it seems they never were.

    Like many others with a high minded self opinioned holier than thou attitude, you seem to think religious comment grants some special dispensation, where the words you utter are not open to scrutiny. Not even by your own.

    was the reply you gave to
    so it follows that...
    ...equally applies to you.

    Get over yourself rcanfiel and what's this pretence toward any freethinking about?.
    Perhaps you should first ponder on what would be so unsettling about that closed off infinite God conclusion in concept or practice, when put alongside free thought.
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  6. You are still doing nothing here but trying demonstrate you know how to be a clipping service. Taking a 2 word snippet out of someone's reply and a snippet out of another place LOSES all context and renders it of little value. Again, learn to do basic journalism. This was the quote and reply

    Quote from vhehn:

    No i dont think so. To be a free thinker means being free to believe only what the evidence points to. To believe the world was created as the bible myth suggests indicates that you believe inspite of the evidence and therefore are not thinking freely.

    What evidence? You want to find evidence about God, and science has still not solved many of the basic problems, like energy, famine, droughts, rising seas, nuclear proliferation, how life arose, creating complex life forms from scratch, why they think space is 11-dimensional, understanding human thought, and a hundred thousand other things? Science is still in diapers, and is not something that is in a position to define whether or not there is a creator. We can use the concept of "science myth" as readily as "bible myth" Again, you mistake "free thought" with ignorance.

    Before you worry about my "free thinking" you should start learning how to think. I am done with you. ( I wasn't talking to you anyway.) You are now on ignore, so clip and chatter away. I do that with very few people, but continous ignorance seems to be as good a reason as any.
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  7. stu turns rcan't into an ostrich! .. now that's divine power LOL

    when the cracks start to form in their worldview.. when they begin to doubt ..they bury their heads in righteous indignation

    and another one bites the dust..

    high fives stu!

    ps see you in hell :D
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  8. "I ask, because I believe as an entity, a good defence system is what I need,"

    There isn't "defence system" available for you. Face the fact -- you are a likeable guy. In your hustle to keep people at bay or withdraw you attract them.
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  9. Turok


    LOL. The zTroll attempting to sell a morph.


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  10. you are soo stupid it's laughable :p
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