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Discussion in 'Politics' started by darkhorse, Mar 26, 2003.

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    from this:

    to this:

    Anyone else bothered by this? From "the civilized world will tell the USA it got what it deserved" to "let us never forget September 11th..." I don't think this shit is funny. Not at all.
  2. You mean bothered enough to place him on ignore?

    Or bothered enough to try to make a case against him?
  3. ElCubano


    Yes.....very schitzo personality.

  4. Bothered enough to call a spade a spade.
  5. this shit is offensive and is totally inappropriate on an american capitalist trading web site and should not be allowed by the moderators. This site is private property and and privately owned, and the owners are not required to allow this kind of stuff. Candletrader can make his own website or go to a more appropriate web site with this shit. If the moderators allow this they are freely choosing to do so and deserve whatever consequences arise from it.
  6. Why not just put him on ignore?

    Don't like what's on? Block the channel.
  7. More importantly, who gives a rat's ass? Don't we all post in the chit-chat forum for entertainment purposes only? Perhaps Candletrader had a change of heart -- or perhaps his political views are more in depth than what we can conclude from just a few posts in the chit-chat area.

    He's got some personality, which is nice. I don't think he's disruptive like other people (Vinny and crew).

    I was against this war before it started and I have since changed my views and now support the war. People's opinions change when they learn new facts.
  8. stu


    you of all people being so well written (- no put down - sincerely meant) will know that it is his rather overdone attempt at sardonic irony. What's wrong is he doesn't know when a surfeit becomes counter productive and starts to make the practitioner look a little silly to say the least
  9. us regular candle watchers pointed that out a while ago...

    still, candle is but a man, and thus liable to err. life's too short to spend rebuking those with whom we disagree (yes, i've learnt).

    build bridges, don't burn them.

    much love to ya candle. keep the open mind. it beats a foolish consistency any day!

  10. So true. Facts can change everything.

    I even remember when you talked so much about trading, and the fact was that you didn't know shit.
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