POLL: What is the World's Most Evil Religion?

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    No matter how rational, logical arguments you'll use, most religious people will still believe in these god stories... I have no idea what could change their minds. It's probably individual psychological issues. Incredible... for example, very intelligent person like darkhorse, who is a great writer and excellent contributor to many ET threads, believes in such illogical concept like Christianity.

    One more thing. Candle, buddhism shouldn't be counted as religion, IMO. There's no god in buddhism. Three big religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism all have their roots in the Middle East. Think about it, why there?
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  2. i don't think it's much of a leap to conclude that just about all religious people, by default, have psychological issues. :eek:

    i'm not saying a religious person had a pre-existing psychological issue which led to them becoming religious. i'm saying, conditioning an otherwise normal mind with crap leads the person to have psychological issues. i mean, come on, we have grown adults believing in heaven and hell!

    don't deny it, religious people. take a step back and think about your beliefs with intellectual honesty. THEY'RE AS PIE IN THE SKY AS PIE IN THE SKY CAN BE. :-/
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    ok, I'm not sure whether it has something to do with psychology. with brainwashing - for sure.
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  4. So true. I dont think anything can convince them.
    Could the whole thing be any more ridiculous?

    I'm sure I could fabricate a better and more convincing
    religion than any of these :D


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  5. christian americans need to be deprogrammed, just like Guantanamo Bay detainees.

    al qaeda would think christians need to be deprogrammed.

    i think they both do.:)
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  6. I haven't read thru this thread beyond the 1st page, but one little historical aspect of christianity that, IMO, is frequently overlooked is what it did to halt the progress of science throughout history, esp in the middle ages.

    The world would be a far better place right now if it had not been for the deliberate, focused efforts of the christian churches to fight what it considered heresy at the time.

    Those "heretics" are now affectionately called "scientists."

    Personally, I blame the church for the large amount of suffering and death that could have been avoided if scientists (Galileo being the most famous) had been allowed to pursue their interests freely, instead of being harassed by the imbeciles in the church.

    just my take.
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  7. What is so funny about all this is that if you
    were able to magically cast a spell on any believer so
    that he could NOT recognize his own bible, and then
    forced him to read his own bible, he would immediately
    reject it as being completely absurd. :D

    Does anyone doubt this? Hehehe...

    When you discover the reason that you reject all other
    religions, you will know the reason that I reject YOURS :p


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  8. dude, right on. THAT'S SO TRUE AND IT PISSES ME OFF!:mad:

    who knows what cool stuff i could use right now if religion wasn't the ball and chain on the leg of man's mind for centuries.:(
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  9. YES, YES!!!!!:cool:

    that's just like when you ask a christian if they'd still be a christian had they been born in iraq. someone really needs to ask GWB live on TV if he'd still fight "evil" if he were born in iraq. it's all a joke. bullsh!t you all would believe your same religion. how pathetic.....
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  10. you seen "Joan of Arc" yet, gordy? i think you'd really like it.
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