POLL: What is the World's Most Evil Religion?

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  1. Axeman, why be such a dumbfuck for? It's not becoming of you.

    What is this perverse pleasure you get from bagging Christianity every chance you get? You're scary.

    Ok, so you "wasted" some years of your life being a Christian and now you're all upset about. You're not the only one, bro. Some people can put it behind them and get on with their lives.

    It's the New Testament that defines what Christianity is, so the determination of how "evil" Christianity is should be based on it, rather than the OT. And on the words and actions of Jesus.

    Also, remember that (apart from some fundies) the Bible was written by authors "inspired" by God, as opposed to a verbatim copy of what God said; unlike the Koran. So, whereas the Bible is widely open to interpretation, the Koran must more or less be taken literally.

    Also, how many Christian preachers, moron, have you heard commanding their congregations to go out and murder the infidels? Hmm?
    Is there anyone who would construe such a command as worthy of a Christian? Hmm?

    Contrast that to Islam. 'Nuff said.
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  2. Oh bullshit. 9 milion?!? Who estimated that? Axeman?

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  3. christianity in the 2nd place?
    somebody must be smoking dope
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  4. Your ignorance is quite glarring in light of this discussion.
    You would do better to have read and understood than to comment on things which YOU DO NOT understand.

    1st of all: The command in the O.T. was in light of a Theocratic rule unlike today's world. Isreal was commanded to go and take the land of Cannan. The Cannanites were an abominable people insight of the Lord and they were to be driven from the land that flows with milk and honey.

    2nd: It was not uncommon for a nation to be chastised by God with an opposing nation as a direct result and penalty for continued dissobediance to God. Isreal was no exception. Because the Nation of Isreal failed to conquer the land of Cannan and its surrounding areas they were led into captivity. Because Isreal failed to drive out the nations they were banished from the promised land and led into captivity and spread abroad.

    3rd: It was never about "religion" but rather it has always been about "relationship" with God through Christ alone.


    Christianity is NOT about religion but rather it is about a relationship with God through Christ Jesus who became the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

    Do not think for one moment that God's judgement was a thing of the past. History is full of nations long forgotten who forgot about God.
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  5. What are "D men" that would make the world less gruesome?
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  6. 570 A.D. was a very important time in our history.
    the birth of Muhammad the founder of Islam.

    When Muhammad was a young man he accompanied his uncles on thier caravan journy's. His uncles led a caravan of sorts in which they were "traders" of spices and garments and metals. They would travel far away to Northern Africa to do business in Egypt and abroad. The town of Mecca then called Yathrib would be his headquaters. If it were not for Muhammad marrying the wealthy Window Khadijah he would have no doupt followed in the footsteps of his uncles and you would never have heard his name. Muhammad would travel to study with the Jews and the Christians and it was then that he was taught the Torrah and the Old testiment and the news of Jesus life, death, and ressurection.
    When Muhammad was denied "prophet" status by the Jews and declared a herritic by the Christians he became angry and no longer studied with the Jews and Christians. As a result he would later demand that his followers no longer pray toward Jerusalem.

    However, Muhammads new found marriage to Khadijah gave him the freedom of lesiure and he spent long trips away visiting the Hira caves. It was there that he spent long hours in deep meditation and solitude. One day he had a vision that the Arch Angel Gabriel appeared to him. After grabbing Muhammad by the throat according to Muhammad the Angel chocked him into submission and gave him the charge to spread a new religion , one free of complexities. According to Muhammad he was then given the charge to bring about the message of this new religion , one free of impurity and chaos.

    Next, the campaigns began. Muhammad assembled a following of journeymen and robber bandits to accompany him on his quest to conquer. He soon overtook all of Africa including Yarthib now Medina and Mecca. He soon over turned the Kaaba and through out all of its Deities all except for Allat - the moon goddess worshipped throughout Northern Africa. He then changed the femmine "at" an changed it to the masscline "ah" derrivative and thus "Allah" was born. Antiquities has it that over 360 gods were originally housed in the Kaaba which is now the place of pilgrimmage to Mecca. The huge stone is walked around by its followers. Islam records it as built by Adam. However history asscribes this to ancient worshippers of Allat the moongoddess.

    Muhammads bloody escapades continued as he sent letters the Asia and to the Kings in abroad ordering them to surrender of be conquered. in an effort to gain converts Muhammad gave his prisoners of war the option to convert to Islam or die. Muhammad often took the women and children and murdered the men.

    The movement quickly spread throughout Africa and the arabic peoples are attributed to developing the mathmatics we call today = "Algebra". the kingdom of Islam became a mighty army as they swept accross Africa. Muhammad would raid villages and rob caravans to fund his military campaigns.

    Africa has never been the same. It is to also be noted that the Arabs are also the progenitors of the American Slave Trade and without thier organizational skillz the Portuguess and England would never have been able to organize thier trade routs with such ease.
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  7. The only person who is ignorant here is you, if you
    believe your own ridiculous excuses.

    The OT is a bloody book and god even commands that
    children be eaten by wild dogs! Look it up.

    Gimmie a break. Your religion was called to the mat and
    your upset. I understand.



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  8. "Axeman, why be such a dumbfuck for? "

    Aaaawww how cute. Little alfonso is upset.... boo hoo...
    Im so hurt :D

    I wrote that post to make sure people knew that christianity
    was NOT the cute little good religion people were trying to
    make it out to be as YOU GUYS BASHED ISLAM.

    Your glaring ignorance was too much to handle.

    Anyway you cut it, christianity has a VERY BLOODY history,
    and the fact that islam MAY BE WORSE, does not excuse
    your religion. So sorry.

    As for the witches, I dont remember 9 million. That seems high.
    I remember sources in the low millions.

    I wont bother skimming through my books on my shelf to
    find the exact number since you are so biased you wont
    believe it anyway.

    But to be consistent.... I think you should follow your good
    little bible and go out and slaughter some more wiccans ASAP :D

    Ya know... there are an estimated 300,000 wiccans in the USA.
    The locals should immediately go out and burn them :D

    Yes yes....lovely religion you got there.
    You must all be proud of your heritage.

    Here are some more atrocities for you:

    Here is a good article asking the question: IS GOD A CRIMINAL??

    Lots of good nasty god commandments in that one.



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  9. look at the mad religious people. can't take it when your SH!T religion is attacked for what it really is....
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  10. I particularly like this one:

    Ezekiel 5:5-17
    5 "This is what the Lord God says: This is Jerusalem. I have put her at the center of the nations with countries all around her. 6 But she has refused to obey my laws and has been more evil than the nations. She has refused to obey my rules, even more than nations around her. The people of Jerusalem have rejected my laws and have not lived by my rules. 7 "So this is what the Lord God says: You have caused more trouble than the nations around you. You have not followed my rules or obeyed my laws. You have not even obeyed the laws of the nations around you. 8 "So this is what the Lord God says: I myself am against you, and I will punish you as the nations watch. 9 I will do things among you that I have not done before and that I will never do anything like again, because you do the things I hate. 10 So parents among you will eat their children, and children will eat their parents. I will punish you and will scatter to the winds all who are left alive. 11 So the Lord God says: You have made my Temple unclean with all your evil idols and the hateful things you do. Because of this, as surely as I live, I will cut you off. I will have no pity, and I will show no mercy. 12 A third of you will die by disease or be destroyed by hunger inside your walls. A third will fall dead by the sword outside your walls. And a third I will scatter in every direction as I chase them with a sword. 13 Then my anger will come to an end. I will use it up against them, and then I will be satisfied. Then they will know that I, the Lord, have spoken. After I have carried out my anger against them, they will know how strongly I felt. 14 "I will make you a ruin and a shame among the nations around you, to be seen by all who pass by. 15 Then the nations around you will shame you and make fun of you. You will be a warning and a terror to them. This will happen when I punish you in my great anger. I, the Lord, have spoken. 16 I will send a time of hunger to destroy you, and then I will make your hunger get even worse, and I will cut off your supply of food. 17 I will send a time of hunger and wild animals against you, and they will kill your children. Disease and death will sweep through your people, and I will bring the sword against you to kill you. I, the Lord, have spoken."


    So parents among you will eat their children, and children will eat their parents.

    Mmmmmm mmm good eating :D

    I will send a time of hunger and wild animals against you, and they will kill your children. Disease and death will sweep through your people, and I will bring the sword against you to kill you. I, the Lord, have spoken

    Gee... wild animals eating my children? What a nice guy :D

    This god really IS benevolent. LMAOOO :p

    Hehehe.... lets watch little Alfonso go nutz now :p


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