POLL: What is the World's Most Evil Religion?

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  1. Your on. by the way hope you had a nice weekend?

    Thank you for your reply. I did however notice that you did not address the other issues both have rather chosen to concentrate on Jesus resurrection issue. Is that because you believe that I can not demonstrate this piece of historical fact to be true.

    Since you are such the debater I'm sure you are familiar with the works of : Simon Greenleaf?
    I'm sure you know that he was the Royal Professor of Law at Oxford. And a world renown expert on evidences admissible in a court of law.

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  2. Im familiar with him. But his conclusions, even If I were
    to accept them, are only valid if we ASSUME the bible
    is not a fictional piece, which is also debatable.

    But in any case, I actually do not want to bother on the
    jesus supposed resurrection. This is not my focus.

    I would rather hear you explain point #2, proving that
    you are capable of reasonable debate.

    So Im waiting for you to identify the flaw in demanding
    that I prove a statement is NOT true.

    Someone who doesn't not understand why such a demand
    is totally illogical proves that he does not posses the tools
    required for a formal debate.

    So the question is: Am I wasting my time with someone
    who is not capable of basic reason and logic? Or will you prove that you
    at least have minimal reasoning capabilities by explaining
    the flaw you just made?



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  3. Islam - an evil religion.
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  4. Maybe - but the blod shed was against The Bible and Jesus' lessons. But the muslim terror is according to their holy books. That's the difference.
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  5. The problem with Islam that you can't seprate religion from the state because Islam is a lawreligion.
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  6. "Christianity" should not be confused with followers of the Roman Catholic Church which many "Christians" including myself, consider to be apostate......"Christianity's" message is more than benign...there is a demand of charity and self-sacrifice which is expected of everyone.....it is best done parochially(take care of your own who are less fortunate) but is expected of all for all......it IS NOT socialism or communism which demand you check all religion to the left of atheism at the door and serve the fallible, man-made political institutions and laws of the hour......I understand it has been the agenda of "many" (a few?) in this former country since they were turned loose from the formerly beautiful and wealthy russia, especially since the turn of this century, they have worked assiduously to quiet this message and replace wagner with gangsta rap and call it progress.........anyone with half a vision knows it to be a major crime whose sentence is coming up before the parole board.

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  7. love your brother as you love yourself.....this doesnt mean lowering the bar for everyone until everyone is mired in the mud and then says "now what".

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  8. You are so full of shit, you hate-mongering little creep. Think the evil Jews at Schonfeld and Spectrum might be interested to learn of the vile garbage you've been spewing from their offices? Something to think about, isn't it?
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