POLL: What is the World's Most Evil Religion?

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  1. Please vote...
  2. Brother Candle,

    Could you please qualify the question? By evil, do you mean which religion has caused for suffering, wars, deaths than any other religion? I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "evil" -- since each religion's followers will surely believe that their religion is enlightened while all others fall short.
  3. To those who chose it, on what, pray tell, criteria is Christianity more "evil" than Islam?
  5. Alfonso,

    I do not believe the religion to be "evil" in and of itself, but when it comes down to which of the above religions have had more blood shed in the name of it, then anyone with even a remote sense of history would have to choose Christianity...

    What is "evil" anyway?

    I do not know enough about the Islamic religion to induce whether this "evil" label should be applied or not; hence I did not vote.

  6. I think that's a debatable point Spec. Sure, Christians have caused a lot of bloodshed, but it is ludicrous to pretend that all of it, or even most of it, was in the name of their religion.
    In the case of the settlement of the Americas the Church was often the protector of the indigenous populations being put to the sword by Spaniard and Portuguese ostenstibly acting "in the name of God".
    Whilst the conquerors no doubt viewed these indigenous populations as something less than human due to their being non-Christians, I don't think this is a direct result of Christianity, itself, being 'evil'. Do you?

    If you don't know enough about Islam to compare its evils to Christianity, perhaps you yourself lack the "remote sense of history" to be even be responding on this thread.
    Now, there is a religion that was very much built on the sword; as its raving maniac converts from the 7th century onwards sort to turn everything in sight Muslim. A process, in fact, that still continues today, and is very much at the heart of one of today's major problems; the war on 'terror' (read: Islamic fundamentalism).
  7. And I think you are kidding yourself if you truly beleive that. If you take the raw numbers of men and women slain in the name of christianity and compare it to any of the above religions, then it would not even be close.

    With that said, I am not trying to compare the "evilness" of any of the above. Religions do not pertuate evil any more than they perpetuate themselves. This is mans doing, our ridiculous need to attach ourselves to the "killer b's" belief and belonging; which then perpetuates the "evil b's" -- bombs, be-headings, bloodshed, and on and on...
  8. the whole think is a joke A JOKE ON MANKIND as an intelligent member of universe community i am embarrassed for our species in this matter! in time this will become apparent to even the most staunch christian zombie! WE MUST BE JOKE OF UNIVERSE I"LL BET OTHER SPECIES LAUGHING AT US RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-/
  9. Wow Alfonso, I like you now. Weren't you posting the exact opposite, cultural relativist viewpoint about a year ago? I could swear I remember you parroting the Guardian/Observer and other terrorist-hugging rags. Have you ingested the red pill?

    Congratulations on your newfound common sense!
  10. aradiel


    Lets put it this way

    Christian nations are more evil to the other nations (because they are more powerful)


    Islamic nations are more evil to their own people (still waiting for them to evolve and separate religion from the state, and stop "electing" "presidents" who dont have the ability to manage the state increasing their personal fortune while making the country rich)
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