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Which Way We Will SPX Move In August?

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  1. 1280 Seems Like a Sure Shot

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  2. The Highs Could Be This Week

    21 vote(s)
  1. Inflection point near?
  2. 43 views and two votes? You non-traders are weak!!
  3. How about adding another choice to the poll: "I don't guess. I let the market tell me which way it's going."

  4. Oh, go crawl into a Mark Douglass book! I'm sure you're so in the flow. LMFAO!
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  6. Market could get stronger as ALL those REAL ESTATE geniuses start cashing out & valuations start to dwindle..... :D :D
  7. Pabst


    The whole world is trying to pick a top.
  8. The whole world is buying every dip.
  9. The difference is that if you were to look at the markets long term you would see this: while it is fully possible that any particular price level will never be seen again after the price rises above it, it is very unlikely, if not impossible, that a price level will never be seen again after the price drops below it. The markets trend upwards over long periods of time. Some might call this an "edge" that buyers have over sellers.

  10. mhashe


    Over the long haul we'll all be dead. Personally I make more money on the short side.
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