Poll: What are your financial certifications?

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  1. I didn't make a poll, so you can post here and tell us why you choose one or which one you are planing to take and why...

    Other Nasdaq & NFA Series test ............

    List what other good designations are missing
    Thank you
  2. nitro


    ICBBMCB - that is, I Can Barely Balance My Checkbook.

  3. I have a
    BTA 1 degree
    I can be succesfull after this

    BTA 1 = blown trading account 1
    One step closer to start making money :)
  4. Are you trying to say they aren't needed
  5. trom


    Got my Series 62 two days ago, will be sitting for the Series 55 in about a month. I need them before I start trading.
  6. I have a BTA 1 here as well, way back when I first started :)
  7. Way back? :eek: :confused:
    waaahhooo, look who we have here? Aren't you just 18-19 only

    Huh, you must have been trading when sucking nipple back then
  8. What is your problem exactly?

    Lighten up ..... go outside and get some fresh air lol....

    Tense day today?

    But... let me formally appologize for being young... i have respect for all the older and more experienced traders, I hope to be able to perform well consistently. Didn't mean to offend you Nana Trader for being 19 years old.
  9. bitrend


    I have NOA and NITO.
    NOA = None Of Above
    NITO = Not Interest To Obtain

  10. Interesting.... one of the most commonly asked questions on ET. "How do I attract OPM?" Yet a good part of the members here trade specifically because they don't need a certification to do it.

    Once a trader gets a little bit of experience, he wants to start making money off of other people. This is when the 'no certifications' part comes back to haunt him. People are much less inclined to trust their money to someone that has only traded his own money and has no professional experience. And (with the exception of prop firms) most firms are also going to require training/certifications.

    Anyway, I'll be the first to answer your question seriously. For what I do, the most important to me are;
    Bachelors in Finance
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