POLL: Was Larry Williams one of the greatest traders ever or was he a low-life cheat?

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  1. Let's have your votes and views on this character...
  2. williams was neither. he is a promoter and political wannabe.

    see "winner take all" by gallacher for an expose on the "robbin's world cup"


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    I've always gotten so much marketing crap from him that I have to think that he couldn't be very happy with himself or his achievements in life. I mean, really now. Right on line with Miss Cleo, psychic readings and tarot card promotions on cable TV. It's embarrassing to me - and I'm not him. No shame and no class.

    My conclusion is that Larry Williams has made WAY, WAY, WAY more money promoting himself and his stochastic indicator than he ever made in the markets... by a long shot.
  4. is he dead?

    P.S. he means nothing to me but I sense a great deal of jealousy from some of the remarks. He promotes himself shamelessly so ?
    Who are you to cast a stone at him and how he makes his living?
    He does know his stuff and could likely buy and sell you in multiples...plus he does trade at least unlike the schmucks who never trade and become experts...
  5. idc


    Except for Larry himself, I don't think anyone in this forum could provide an honest response to these questions. And Larry doesn't have any obligation to respond to any one of us, only to himself.
  6. He has a 100% obligation to answer questions, so long as he continues to use his "amazing successes" as a basis for continuing to sell his "learn to trade" stuff...

    Several people have exposed Larry Williams (for example Williiam Gallacher in "Winner Takes All" http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/t...102-9326430-1010533?v=glance&s=books&n=507846 )... to the best of my knowledge, Williams has not as yet sued Gallacher, which strikes me as odd, if Williams truly does have a clean slate...
  7. I received one of his "high impact" marketing brochers in the mail and did some checking.

    Again and again I kept hearing about how he made some great fortune in a short time, how his daughter won a championship, and how his detractors are all liars.

    What I DIDN'T see anywhere was a documentation of consistent performance for the last one or two years

    Why not? (rhetorical question)
  8. yeah nobody's ever released an account statement (to my knowledge) except for tony oz...

    makes you wonder why

    hmm...maybe because most 'gurus' are full of shit?
  9. You kind of have to respect someone who regularly trades in front of people during seminars.
  10. ...used to be posted in detail on his website - not sure if they still are. Haven't been there in a long time. I've seen one of his videos (an old one), and it actually had a lot of solid tradeable tips on it. My impression is that he's a good technician and trader, and got really lucky during the competition - the markets were moving right, so he went all out with high-risk trades...

    But yeah, I've read Gallacher's book, and it definitely debunks the Robbin's Cup thing - whether Williams was a party to the deception or not I don't know, but they were advertising Williams as the winner and pimping his product before the contest was half over.

    But in my opinion, he's definitely better than most of the other salesmen-guru types out there.
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