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    I agree the Saddam is one evil MF........and he should be assasinated for what he has done to his people.
    But my take is that Georgie boy is in for his own agenda. Oil and politics and family honour.......
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    April 4th.
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  3. Yup Saddam is an evil bastid who, with the support of the USA, gassed the Iranian-backed kurds and gassed the Iranians too... Saddam was as responsible for that mass-murder as the American bastid policymakers who helped him... both need to go... also Osama (another former US trained stooge who turned against his criminal bastid American policy making masters), needs to go....

    Maybe the current global battle between the fanatical idiot Islamic terrorists and the equally evil American policy making buffoons is a good thing... let the fools exterminate eachother, I say! The world will be better off for it... ROFL!
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  4. I really enjoy both of your posts, on this thread and many others.

    Keep it comin'...

    p.s. It's about oil in the sense of allowing the continuing flow and trade of it and perpetuating the global economy that is so dependent on it.
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  5. no, no candle. you don't have a problem with the iraqi deaths. you told us so, remember?
    the only thing you have a problem is that we don't have UN authority to do it (yet, if ever).
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