POLL: Typical maximum % risk of account exposed at any one time

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  1. What is your typical maximum % risk of your account that you are willing to expose to Mother Market at any one time?

    This risk is a total % of your trading account and can be based on a single position or multiple simulataneous positions...
  2. If you have a 100K account but you're long 50K worth of a stock, does that mean you have 50% exposure?

    Worst case scenario is your stock drops to 0, right?

    If this is indeed the case, then aren't traders consistently exposing themselves to very high percentages of risk?
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    Risk is in the eye of the beholder. I am a notorious over-trader. But one statement I would like to make is: the more capital you have, the more you should decrease your percentage risk on a trade or position. If you only have several grand, you'd might as well try to shoot out the lights. Afterall you can always earn at a job, or borrow a few thousand bucks to get back in the game. However as your money increases be mindful that 6 figures is hard to come by. So while I may tell someone with 5k don't hesitate to risk 20% on a play you like, I think on 100k that 3% on a trade is enough rope. It's easier to turn 5k into a 100k then it is 100k into 2 million. It's the same percentage growth but a much different dynamic. As your equity curve increases let your relative position sizing decrease. I only wish that those times when I had made several hundred grand fast, I had pondered this with the same perspective that going broke gives one after the fact.
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    Say you bought 1000 shares at $50 ($50,000) and your stop loss is $1 ($1000) - your exposure would be $1000 of the $100,000 you said you had in your account or 1%.
  5. i completely agree.
  6. And what happens when your stock is halted and opened up $20 lower???
  7. Exactly.

    Market risk makes every trade potentially an account killer, doesn't it?
  8. Just a reminder that the poll doesn't relate to the absolute amount of capital exposed... it simply relates to the value of the proposed stop loss / stop losses expressed as a % of total account equity...

    e.g. you may have $500,000 in your account and your position may have a value of $400,000.... if your stop loss is $2500, then the number we are looking at is 2500/500,000 = 0.5%... we are not looking at a risk of 400,000/500,000 = 80%...
  9. If the poll results so far are in any way representative (a bias towards excessive risk), it goes a long way to explaining why most traders fail, particularly if no negatively correlated multiple positions (to reduce effective risk) are taken in options 7) and 8) ...
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    The formula is quite simple........10%

    Use 10% and you will last longer and survive even during the worst drawdown periods.

    Use "Volatility Stop-Loss" (The Cousin of 10% Rule) to stay in winning trades longer.

    :) :D
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