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God did not make Man. Man made God.

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  1. Simple question.
  2. It's a trick question.

    Man is made in the imagination of God's true creation as a kind of antithesis of that perfection.

    Man is an image and not a reality.

    Man is an unreal thought given life and breath by belief.

    Man is 100% USDA Grade A BELIEF. That's BEEF with a LIE in it.

    Man's unreal thoughts about God are merely reflections of the unreal thoughts that gave rise to a belief in the image of man.

    The images are really beliefs about Self as a creation.

    The Self is so like it's Creator that ideas about itSelf reflect ideas about its Creator.

    It is impossible for this Self to see it's Creator differently from itSelf.

    If itSelf chooses to be mistaken, this will manifest in various ways by the power of belief.

    This is reflected in the making of man, who turns around and makes God in his own image.

    This is also reflected in how many images are tyrannical in nature.

    This reflects an idea that the Creator is a tyrant.

    It's all a Self-deception.

  3. Not enough data to answer question. Could be either one, or neither.
  4. Hmm. Either there is a God and he made man, or man simply made God up to fill a need, the way some children make up imaginary friends. The only way it can be "neither," is if there is a god and he did not make man. Is that what you meant by "neither?"
  5. Science can disprove any holy book, but can't disprove the existence of a creator.
    I cannot answer the question with full certainty either way.
  6. bronks


    My theory is that we were engineered. Sort of like that Star Trek movie in which there was this Genesis type of creation... but of course in a very broad and vague way. In that sense, our creators could be looked upon as "godlike". Just look around at your physical surroundings and your physical self. It just cries out of an engineered process.

    However, this theory breaks down when you add the ?spiritual/soul? concept to the equation. How do you engineer THAT? Sentient/non-sentient?

    I'm confused.
  7. Interesting point bronks. Here's what I believe (so far).
    - Holy books are without question proven to be wrong.
    - It doesn't necessarily disprove a creator though.
    - Even if there IS a creator, it doesn't guarantee an afterlife.
    - I believe there is no way to know for sure. Enjoy your journey.
  8. bronks


    Yes sir JZ. That's why, to me, I try to live my life as cleanly as possible. Not because I expect some reward at the end of it, like some dog waiting for a treat. But because TO ME it seems just and fits in the natural order of things as I look at it.

    I've always thought that whether there is life after death is a moot point since no one in the history of mankind has ever returned from death.

    EDIT: moot /mut/
    1. open to discussion or debate; debatable; doubtful: a moot point.
    2. of little or no practical value or meaning; purely academic.
    3. Chiefly Law. not actual; theoretical; hypothetical.

    This isn't intended for you JZ. Just those who are ready to jump all over my ass.
  9. Amen!:)
  10. Neither could be a "creator that created man, or a life force that evolved into man, and man created God as God is currently understood and accepted, which may be completely wrong. Creator and God may not be one of the same.
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