(Poll) Those who make more than USD 100k p.a. trading, how much trading capital did you start with ?

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To those who make more than USD 100k p.a. trading, how much trading capital did you start with ?

  1. USD 1k to USD 10k

    6 vote(s)
  2. USD 10k to USD 50k

    4 vote(s)
  3. USD 50k to USD 200k

    4 vote(s)
  4. USD 200k to USD 500k

    7 vote(s)
  5. USD 500k to USD 2m

    5 vote(s)
  6. > USD 2m

    4 vote(s)
  1. etrades


    Hi guys,

    (Refined the question a bit based on earlier poll replies to another thread)

    If you consistently make more than USD 100k p.a., if possible, please let us know how much trading capital did you start trading with?

    This would be the amount that is the most you could assign to trading from all sources available to you when you started trading.

    To add further, you may have had another means to earn when you started, but now after learning to trade you have made trading you make more than USD 100k per annum from trading for this. Also, this would be for individual traders and not for a trading org or something like that.

    Thank you
  2. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    This query is just as vacuous and useless as the previous one.

    There are traders that can make $100K per year with a million dollar account and there are traders who can make $100K per year with a $50K account.

    You are making no effort at all to appreciate or understand the time and effort and the capital expended over a protracted period of time in order to get to the point of making $100K per year from trading.

    You're asking the wrong questions.

    Someone scalping CL is going to have a much different capital requirement than someone swing trading options spreads.

    You can't buy your way into a successful trading career. It takes perseverance and skill and some art.

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  3. Overnight


    To illustrate @bone point, today is a perfect example.

    You could have bought NQ at the low today of 10502, around 7AM ET. With a discount broker offering $500 margins per contract on NQ, you could enter a 10 contract position for $5000.

    You could have closed that position by just about 400 points higher by the RTH bell at 10,900.

    On 10 contracts, that's $80,000. In one day.

    You really need a sense of perspective.
  4. I see that a lot here and I see you are often tuned into it and I appreciate that there are a few like you at this forum.
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  5. SunTrader


    Micro maybe. No discount broker I know of having $500 margins for the NQ mini. TradeStation, which is of course not a heavy discounter, is $4125 for example.

    Also that range was 305 pts
  6. elitetrader.com sponsor AMP Futures offers $500 on the NQ emini and $400 on the ES emini contracts.

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  7. NQ low of day was 10,502.75 and the high of day is currently 10,927. Math is math, and that range is 424.25.
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  8. whatever the result is, take the claimed earnings and divide by 10 or add a minus sign in front of it
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  9. its a fact. buy 10 and hold u made 80k. 100 was 800k i mean thats peanuts these days with 200 point nq moves daily. imagine the long term swingers..3000 nq points

    it happens..i laugh that everyone says its impossible
  10. You just don't know how to ask A SIMPLE QUESTION.

    To make over 100K profit, how much would be your trading capital (Please Include margin if used.) ;) ;) ;)
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