POLL: The biggest threat to the world

Discussion in 'Politics' started by americanhero, Feb 21, 2012.

Biggest threat to world

  1. Iranian president

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  2. Iranian mosque priests

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  3. Iran as a whole

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  4. Al-Quaeda in Iran

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  1. Who is the biggest threat to the world?
  2. Lucrum


    Unbelievably stupid people like you.
  3. Ricter


    Where is the choice for Sol exhausting its hydrogen fuel?
  4. I can understand political differences, even to the extent that some act like kids here on P&R. I can even understand, to a point, the concern about the world condition.

    I can't understand the wild paranoia involved with Mr. hero here. And, even some of you guys who are so scared of what will happen to America if A or B is elected. How very sad to have to live your lives in such fear. Some here are even more fearful than the real life fears of the cold war. We are a strong people overall. We are well defended, even at half our current military strength. When we are so afraid, then we don't accomplish nearly as much in our lives as we would if we just took note of the concerns and work towards resolutions.

    Almost like a 'slap me please' moment is needed. And, not, not me, the crazy paranoid types here.

  5. First I thought this bozo was serious, then I thought it was an elaborate eccentric joke, now I realize that Bozo is way more rational than this guy.