POLL: The biggest threat to the Civilized World...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by candletrader, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Which of these is the biggest threat to the Civilized World since Adolf Hitler?

    Please vote...
  2. Perhaps you should start a poll, since you are so well-practiced in it, on why your brain is so muddled. While I can think of several possible causes for your addle-brained condition, such as an inadequate education, a poor genetic pool, a low protein diet, etc., I think the ultimate conclusion is best left to the broader ET community, don't you?
  3. The poll is is no way contentious... make your vote and shut the f**k up, my Brother :cool:
  4. Okay, fair enough. I'll cast my vote (though I'm puzzled as to why Soviet Communism is not among the choices) and won't say a further word

    . . . . But I still think the poll I suggested is a good idea. :cool:
  5. Soviet Communism is dead (for all intents and purposes)... let's look at the current reality...
  6. Although it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that fanatical islam is the most serious threat to civilization, I think there's potentially an even greater threat: those people (candletraders) who think the biggest threat to civilization is American foreign policy.

    Why? Because the first threat is reasonably clear to all reasonably intelligent people (expect perhaps the most morally confused ivory tower dwellers). But the second is a much more insidious and less readily detectible threat. I think there's a real danger if the views of these kooks ever gain substantial mainstream acceptance.

  7. Exactly. I am surprised he actually thinks Adolf Hitler was a threat. Wasn't he just a freedom fighter, that wanted to free Germany from European sanctions, and from the Jews who controlled it?

    Poor Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, being prosecuted by the evil Bush empire.

    Someone should really stop the Bush regime. Candletrader, how about being a Shahid and exploding yourself over some government building or something?

    Better yet, maybe you should send your 11yo children to do that, like your friends the palestinian terrorists do.

    If you believe in something, go all the way!
  8. Are you the grown-up version of "mytwocents"?


  9. As Error404 knows, having been to Israel many times, the last thing I would do is stand shoulder to shoulder with those Palestinian animals... I would always be with Israel and would fight to defend her if called upon...

    Let's get back on topic... American foreign policy vs. Islamic fundamentalism... which is the bigger threat to the Civilized World?

  10. If you are not on the side of the neonazis and terrorist supporters emerging on elite lately, then I take back my words and offer my sincere apology.

    I am simply sick and tired of these closet neonazis masking their opinions (even from their own selves!) by using subtle words and high english.

    However once again, if you don't relate to them, please accept my sincere apology.

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