Poll: The 2002 challenge

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Zuizo, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Zuizo


    Happy New Year All.

    2002 has ended. I've read many posts about the 2002 challenge.

    Some traders found 2002 exceptionally easy,

    Yet others argue 2002 was exceptionally arduous.

    Lastly, there is a group who say that the 2002 challenge was equal to any other year... not exceptional in either direction.

    Please cast your vote.

    Cheers to a generous 2003!

    -- Z
  2. GD2KNO


    Thank you PPTS. You changed my life!

    Off to celebrate.

    Hope you all find your dreams in 2003.


  3. Zuizo


    I see that more traders found 2002 more difficult than most years.

    I too, fit into this catagory. My primary edge was basically useless in 2002. Majority of my total return comes from position trading equities to the long side. As we had no major uptrends that lasted more than 3 weeks until very late in 2002, this made 2002 quite arduous.

    In 2001, I was able to rack up a total return over 150+%.

    2002, however, I was impotent, earning a return of 25+%.

    It was blood, sweat, and tears... as I spent the majority of 2002 groping around for a consistant new edge...

    Most traders know when your feeling your way around in the dark, looking for the light, you have a tendency to stumble quite a bit.

    On to 2003.... Boo Yeah Baby!


    -- Z